Patrick Dempsey Rumored to Be Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for Good


Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey, nicknamed McDreamy by those who have taken much affection towards him over the past almost 11 seasons, is rumored to be leaving the hit ABC medical drama for good after taking something of an extended leave from appearing in the series in the past while. US Weekly, among other sources, have reported that this current season may quite possibly be his last, and the reasons regarding his potential departure are various.

The US Weekly report has stated that the 49-year-old intends to make his leave permanent at the end of this season, due to wanting to explore other options in his acting career. In an interview conducted by the Portland Press Herald, which took place last year, Dempsey said that he is ready to leave his character of Derek Shepherd in the past in order to move on to the next thing, as he wants to see what else is out there in terms of discovering new creative works and the like.

Alternate sources, however, are reporting that the real reason for the Maine native leaving Grey’s may not entirely match up with his comments that he is ready to move on and try something new. Rather, other rumors are circulating that Dempsey did not resign but was instead removed from casting by producer Shonda Rimes (also known for the fellow hit ABC drama Scandal).

The NY Post‘s Page Six feature revealed a story that insinuated Rimes had gotten tired of the actor’s “diva” behavior, and is seriously considering asking him to see his own way out the door. The source which provided this information to Page Six went on to say that the producer suspended the actor due to his negative attitude and the fact that he was incredibly difficult to work with, and that the situation has not improved much in the slightest since then. The reason for Rimes’ flat-out intolerance for any kind of insubordinate behavior is said to lie with the fact that there has been much turmoil previously on the Grey’s Anatomy set, most pointedly with former stars Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington.

This recent rumor does nothing to quell the concerns of worried Dempsey fans who have been wondering when, or even if, the actor’s character of Derek Shepherd will be returning to this current season. The hashtag #WheresDerek has been heavily trending on Twitter for the past while, with viewers searching for answers wherever they felt they could find them in order to truly know what was in store for the rest of the season. Although the actor reportedly signed a contract for the upcoming season, this change in events could prove that not all signed documents are legal to the end.

Whether Patrick Dempsey will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy by choice, by force, or even at all has yet to be confirmed. Fans of the hit ABC show, however, are becoming increasingly worried that the fan favorite will not return for good after his prolonged absence in the past few episodes.

By Rebecca Grace



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