American Idol: Super Seven Became Sensational Six [Recap & Video]

American Idol

On American Idol tonight, the Top Super Seven finalists performed, singing two songs each and singing their hearts out, trying to get the most votes from viewers across America. By the conclusion of the show, one was eliminated, and only the Sensational Six remained. Read on, to find out who was saved and who was eliminated tonight on American Idol!

American Idol began with the host, Ryan Seacrest, talking about last week’s episode and the great musical performances by the artists remaining. He said that the competitors tonight would be singing two songs each, and the theme would be “American Classics.” He then introduced the three judges, and he commented about how nice Harry looked dressed up in a suit.

“Now, Results!” Ryan said. “Our first person safe, to sing for your votes is, who is it — let’s see it –” The first person was Tyanna Jones. She chose to sing Why Do Fools Fall In Love. She NAILED it, and the audience joined in clapping right from the start of the song.

Keith said “That was an interesting song choice. I don’t know if that was the best one for you, to show off your voice and edge.”

Jennifer said “Yes, I feel like you were beginning to get back into your groove.”

Harry told her “I thought it was strong, but I would have liked to have seen a little bit more movement.”

“And now, for the Results — after the nation wide vote, the next person to sing on American Idol is — who is it?” The answer was that the person saved was Clark Beckham, singing the Stevie Wonder song, Superstition. He did an AMAZING job with this song, making it his OWN!

Jennifer said “Clark! Clark! It was funky, it was good — the band sounded good, you sounded amazing.”

Harry told him “That was about as good as you could have done on that song.”

After the break, Ryan said “Wait, wait — let’s light it up — who is it — is it Jax? Yes, it’s Jax!” Jax was the third person to perform on American Idol. She sang the Janis Joplin hit, Piece of My Heart.

Harry said “I liked it. You had great ‘time.’ I thought it was good, I thought it was strong.”

Jennifer said “Tough song, and you did your thing on it. Good job.” American Idol then went to another commercial break.

The fourth person to perform tonight on American Idol was then announced by Ryan Seacrest. He said “The next person to take the stage with an ‘American Classic’ will be, after a nation wide vote…” It was Nick Fradiani, and tonight, he sang American Girl, by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Keith said “That was such a good song for you! I was engaged the whole way through.”

Jennifer said “You have a radio friendly voice! Congratulations, great job!”

Harry told him “To me, this is precisely what you need to do, dead on!”

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said it was down to Joey, Rayvon and Quentin. He said that “One is ‘safe,’ the other two received the fewest votes.”

Ryan said that the next person voted as ‘safe’ was Quentin Alexander. Joey and Rayvon, apparently, received the fewest votes. Quentin sang the Lenny Kravitz song Are You Gonna Go My Way.

Jennifer said “The whole entire thing really worked. Giving us a Lenny Kravitz song was really crazy! It was a good job for me.”

Harry said “I love your artistry and your individuality. It was not different enough from the Lenny Kravitz song.”

Keith disagreed, saying “I thought you held your own in there.”

Quentin said “This sucks! Two of the top vocalists are over there.” He indicated Joey Cook and Rayvon Owen.

Harry told him “That was highly disrespectful.” Quentin clarified what he said, but it might have hurt his chances to move on with the voters of America.

After yet more commercials on American Idol, Ryan said “First up is Joey!” Joey selected the song My Funny Valentine. She sang it in a very melancholy way, but her voice sounded as lovely and quirky as it ever has been. She showed that she has a lot of power in her voice, and she sang it with a lot of emotion.

Harry told her “You look lovely tonight! There are 15 different things I would like to talk with you about. But, you are very, very smart. I thought you did an d**n good job.”

Keith said “That was perfectly executed for me tonight.”

Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, said “And now, it’s time for Rayvon.”

Rayvon Owen, 23, picked up the tempo with the Doobie Brothers hit, Long Train Runnin’. It was perhaps his best performance of the last couple of weeks.

Keith told Rayvon “You had a killer instinct tonight. But, I wanted to feel a little bit more tonight.”

Jennifer told him “You keep fighting with those great vocals. Way to step it up!”

After more commercials, Clark Beckham sang his second song of the evening on American Idol. This time around, Clark played the piano and performed the classic song, Moon River.

Jennifer told him “It was really good. I was thinking to myself, ‘Smooth and creamy.'”

Harry said “I want to be as honest with you as I can. Learn more chords. Challenge yourself with more difficult, smaller chords. Don’t play those major 7th chords again.”

Keith said “It was warm and fuzzy, like an epidural.” More commercials then ensued.

Ryan Seacrest said “Let’s take a look,” at the person who will be singing next. It was Tyanna Jones, and she sang Proud Mary, by Tina Turner.

Harry said “Right before you started singing, I told Jenny ‘She really has to be perfect right now.’ That was as close to perfect as I’ve seen.”

Jennifer told her “Find songs that wow the audience. Do that every time.’

Ryan Seacreast, host of American Idol, then said it was time for Nick Fradiani to sing his second song of the night. He chose to sing the Billy Joel song, Only the Good Die Young.

Jennifer said “When you started singing, I kept thinking ‘Get up and go!'”

Harry said “It sounded a little bit self-involved. I thought it was an adventurous interpretation, but the arrangement threw me off.”

Next up, singing his second song of the night on American Idol, was Quentin Alexander, 21. He sang the Simon & Garfunkel song, The Sound of Silence.

Jennifer said “That was a bit dramatic and moody. I know that inside, you have a good heart. That was a nice performance.”

Harry said “I really like how you interpret performances. But, you have to figure out how to sing more in tune.”

Then, on American Idol, Jax sang a song that America chose for her to sing. She sang the Michael Jackson song, Beat It.

Harry told her “I loved the static electricity in your hair! I have always wanted to see you run around the stage and act like a complete idiot. Good job!'”

After still more commercials, Joey Cook and Rayvon Owen got their chance to perform for the second time on American Idol. Rayvon went first this time, singing the Willie Nelson classic, Always On My Mind.

Jennifer told him “I felt goosies all over.”

Harry said “You really are a ballad singer. You can’t sing ballads all of the time, but you are a ballad singer.”

Joey Cook had to nail it with this song, or risk elimination tonight. The song that she chose was Somebody to Love by The Jefferson Airplane.

Jennifer said “Joey, that, for me, gave me all the colors of who Joey Cook is! Perfect Joey Cook! I really loved it!”

Ryan Seacrest started the clock. The viewers of America had 5 minutes to vote and decide which of the two should be ‘saved,’ Joey Cook or Rayvon Owen.

When American Idol returned, Ryan Seacrest said that there was only 15 more seconds to vote on Twitter. Then, he announced the results of who would be eliminated tonight. Ryan said that one of them “got 52 percent.” He said “The person who got the most votes and will remain in the competition is…Rayvon. Congratulations, Rayvon! You keep on hanging in there!”

Wow, what an episode of American Idol as the viewers of America learned who was eliminated and who made it into the Sensational Six! The votes via Twitter were extremely close, but Rayvon Owen managed to pull off a narrow margin, and he will be moving on to next week’s episode, along with Jax, Nick Fradiani, Clark Beckham, Tyanna Jones, and Quentin Alexander.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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