Amy Schumer Steals Kim Kardashian’s Thunder


Amy Schumer steals Kim Kardashian’s thunder, by upstaging the Wests on the red carpet at New York’s, 2015, Time 100 Gala. The couple was preparing to take their photos on the red carpet when Schumer pulled one of her acts, that took away their spotlight and made the world notice her instead. Everyone knew it was a comedic act, but the Wests were not happy with the comedian’s playfulness. Kardashian’s and her husband’s demeanor was very uncongenial about the fact that the comedian’s stunt brought her a loving audience for broadcasting how insensitive the two really are about others.

Schumer unluckily ended up on the red carpet with Kimye, and she asked her publicist if it was okay if she pulled a stunt in front of the two. As she hit the floor while Kardashian and her husband posed for photographers, the couple’s face showed how they were not pleased by the stunt, but laughed it off to keep things light. West did not help Schumer up, and Kardashian played off Schumer’s prank by giving her a slick grin. While Schumer stayed in character she bashfully apologized for her stunt, as she continued to play more tricks on the red carpet.

At the Time 100 gala, Kardashian, Schumer, and West were all listed as one of the 100 most influential people. Though Schumer’s stunt was for entertainment, she was at the gala for being recognized for her quirky skits, that stand up for real causes in today’s society. The comedian was also in the process of airing her third season of her show Inside Amy Schumer the same night the Gala took place. From all of the excitement of her show running for its third season in a row, it only makes sense she would take over the red carpet at the Gala with other influential stars.

As for Kardashian, she was on the list for being recognized for expanding the meaning of family, with her show Keeping up With The Kardashians. The woman is phenomenal for her dramatic, determined, hardworking character. She is known for her role model title to encourage young women to be the best they can with the tools they have. Although Schumer stole Kardashian’s thunder on the red carpet, it will not hold the reality star back from finding a way to stay in the spotlight.

Schumer lying on the floor at the Time 100 Gala, only boosted West reason for being on the influential list. He has come a long way in defining why he matters, that it is no surprise his reaction did not shift when the comedian face planted the ground. West has been listed on the 100 most influential people list due to his way of thinking, and encouraging others to think. The star is unstoppable when it comes to getting what he wants and needs, that a stunt such as the one pulled at the Gala had no chance at throwing him off his intended motives.

Schumer has been working really hard lately, getting herself in the public eye previously, before the Gala. The prank came about right after she made David Letterman’s jaw drop, after inching up her skirt on The Late Show. She also hosted the MTV awards, where she had many hit and misses with her comedic character. Lastly, her show’s fourth season has announced its renewal. There is nothing else the girl can ask for, and it is only a limit of time until she comes up with another crazy stunt that will have everyone talking about her again. Schumer stealing Kardashian’s thunder at the Gala was the perfect prank to get more people to ask about who she is, and get to know why she is listed as one of the 100 most influential people by Times.

By Krystle Mitchell



Entertainment Weekly


Photo By 92YTribeca – Flickr License

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