11-Year-Old Boy Arrested After Gun Goes Off in Classroom

11-Year-Old BoyAn 11-year-old boy at Ruthe Deskin Elementary School was arrested on Wednesday morning after a hand gun inside his backpack went off in his classroom, according to a law enforcement officer for the Clark County Police District in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The gun was identified as a .45-caliber hand gun. When the gun went off in his backpack at around 3:20 p.m., the bullet hit a desk in the classroom. According to law enforcement officials, the shooting happened after school was dismissed for the day. No one was injured by the accidental gunshot in the classroom.

The 11-year-old boy is facing criminal charges of possessing stolen property, discharging a weapon at a school, and the possession of a dangerous weapon on school property. Information regarding the court hearing has yet to be released.

Police authorities also stated they found a BB gun inside the 11-year-old boy’s backpack. The boy’s name and information has not been released to the public. Ruthe Deskin Elementary School is located in northwest Las Vegas.

By Alex Lemieux


8 News Now

Photo by Cliff – Flickr License



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