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The Google Wallet app, which is compatible for Android users, has underwent some changes that make the updated version much more efficient and user friendly. For people not quite caught up on the latest smartphone app innovations or for those Apple Pay users who are unfamiliar with Google Wallet, it is a free app that acts as a digital wallet enabling Android devices to securely store user’s debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and even store offers. An additional feature that can be used with the app is the Google Wallet Card, which is an actual debit card that allows Google Wallet users to spend their Wallet Balance anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted as well as conveniently make cash withdrawals from any ATM.

Android’s Google Wallet update includes a search tool that makes locating any transaction quick and easy. Receipts from all transactions will also provide the merchant names and their locations. These updates not only make searching for past transactions much less time consuming, but they also assist in helping users become aware of any unauthorized purchases that might occur on their account as soon as it happens. Utilizing the tap-and-pay method for merchant transactions comes with its perks. Each time a consumer taps the back of their Android against a credit card terminal, the Google Maps widget will keep a log of the precise location that transaction was made. So whenever a particular purchase comes into question, there will be visible proof of where and when an item was purchased.

For some, juggling so many different gadgets on a daily basis or the misplacing of one’s Android mobile may not be a rare occurrence. If one’s device is lost or stolen there is no need to panic. Disabling the Google Wallet app can easily be done online or by calling technical support, which offers support at any time on any day. This app also comes with nonstop fraud monitoring as well as its own guaranteed fraud protection. This means, any unauthorized transactions that occur on an account without the cell phone owner’s knowledge will be 100 percent covered, guaranteed.

With all of the technology available to us today, it is difficult to ensure complete security when using some of these inventions that were created to help alleviate some of the stress of everyday living. Instead, they often result in adding to the stresses of life. With this Android app, security is not an issue. No matter where one shops and makes transactions, merchants are never actually gaining access to anyone’s credit card information. What merchants do gain access to is an authorization code, which allows them to make one charge only. So in the event the credit card terminals from a particular merchant that is hit with malicious software, there is no longer any possibility that one’s credit card information can be accessed, stolen, and then used later on down the road.

Android still continues to compete with Apple when it comes to releasing new mobile device advances that increase productivity, convenience, and of course safety. Between the two, perhaps it really does just come down to preference. According to user reports, Android has definitely made some big strides in the competition.

By Kameron Hadley


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