Apple Watches Might Be the Next Household Commodity

Apple’s latest product name is on everyone’s lips. With a large demand, and maybe not enough product to fill all current orders, some customers may not receive their watch until summer. With pre-order status reaching the range of one million, the Apple watch may become the next household commodity. With orders being filled not only in the U.S., but eight other countries, the estimation of its global sales should reach somewhere close to $3 million.

Most customers are expected to have the watch by April 24. As for the rest of global consumers, orders being placed now most likely will not get their hands on the watch until June. As a result, sellers on eBay have begun to list them at an extremely high price, for those buyers who just do not have the patience to wait. There are not too many buyers who are that desperate, but for the ones who are, the higher listing price of $999 turned into $1,400. The original price of the Apple watch prices started at $340 and ranges up to $17,000 depending on the features it comes with, so most customers are just waiting to get theirs from their pre-order or online purchase. Most pre-orderers purchased the low-end, which is the sport model, and within a few months, it will be easier to tell the real trajectory of sales. It will also be easier to know which model and features are most popular.

Now, it is easy to see that the launch of the watch will be their biggest launch yet, and why the Apple watch might become the next household commodity. Moreover, it has consumers everywhere wanting one. Consumers from Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Japan will be making this a global phenomenon and the one product on everyone’s wrist.  Some cynics were saying that the watch is completely unnecessary, but sales globally have proven that customers all over the world want in on this product. A large Chinese network got in on the action of Apple Inc. just before the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus last year.

As for right now, customers can schedule appointments to try the Apple watches on and that always has a way of making a consumer want the product. As far as reviews thus far, customers are saying that it is beautiful, luxurious, captivating, and enticing. Yet, that is nothing new for Apple, since all of Apple’s products have been nothing short of amazing, and sales of late have supported that fact.

Reviews from tech companies and ABC News reported having difficulty with the band. Other consumers have also said the communication was slow and the battery drains quickly. Reviewers of the watch have said that there is a learning curve to the watch, and once consumers get the hang of it, it is worth the rewards.

Aside from the reviews, sales speak for themselves, the Apple Inc. watch might very well become the next household commodity. Whether consumers think it is a necessity or not, most people will want it because of their devotion to Apple products in general. It seems that all of the Apple loving consumers in town will have this product on their wrist very soon.

By Brooke Latu

Huffington Post
Mercury News
Photo by Ryan Ozawa – Flickr License

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