The ‘Book of Yeezus’ Replaces God With Kanye in New Bible [Video]

KanyeThe new Kanye West Bible has arrived. The Book of Yeezus: A Bible for the Modern Day has combined the traditional biblical version of the book of Genesis with a foreword to create this creative vision which explores the way cultural icons tend to morph into spiritual figures. The Etsy shop for the New Age Bible opened in January, but is just now gaining media momentum.

The Bible is being sold for $20 and has claims of being one of the best gifts that ever existed for Kanye’s fans. The fans, as stated on the website, literally worship the mega social icon, pop star, designer and idol of the church of Yeezianity, who is none other than, famed rapper Kanye West.

This “religious” community consists of zealous Yeezus followers who feel privileged to share Kanye’s message. The group is powered largely by teenagers who have vowed to only refer to him as Yeezus and never again mention his government name. These followers believe Yeezus has shown the world the creative potential resident in every human and is a living model for behavior and ethics.

The text, as controversial as it may be, is in high demand and is currently being back-ordered. The Etsy shop said they have sold more product than they have on hand and are asking people to be patient when placing new orders. The trio of “entrepreneurial brothers” added a quote from Yeezus:

For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of Yeezus you may receive what is promised.

The creators of the of the “coffee table novelty” say the Book of Yeezus is not a substitute for any undying devotion or traditional religious Bible. It is simply a study of how Generation Y and society as a whole represents its icons. The belief is each generation champions its own superstar. This person is consistently relevant and accompanies the generation through its evolution, while ultimately shaping its identity. This generation, known as Generation Y, maintains that Kanye’s orchestrated and awesome spectacle is truly a religious experience.Kanye

The brothers have no affiliation with Kanye, but have a special interest in mass society and its effects on the current worldview and imagination. The Grammy-winning artist’s powerful presence for this generation cannot be denied. He offended many of his non-supporters when he invited a Jesus impersonator to accompany his Yeezus album tour. Now, his supposed Bible has done the same by using language such as:

In the beginning Kanye created the heaven and the earth…. Kanye said, Let there be light: and there was light.

The church of Yeezianity nor the Book of Yeezus were created by the famed rapper, however it should be noted he has not spoken out against them. The Church of Yeezianity was founded by Brian Liebman and was not designed to elevate Kanye to the rank of Jesus Christ, but to establish a new-found faith in humanity.

The 23-year-old New Yorker said the religious community of Yeezus has nothing to do with idolatry. He admits his admiration for the rapper, but does not worship him. Liebman agrees that Kanye has his flaws, but believes his heart is genuine. He added:

No one can deny he has made his dreams become a reality and this is the model Yeezianity strives for.

The Book of Yeezus: A Bible for the Modern Day was created to celebrate Kanye West and the mega role he has played in the life of Generation Y. The black, gold-leaf imprinted hardcover book is designed to spread the pseudo-doctrine ascribed to Yeezus. The three brothers are asking the fans to use their pulpit, as they live out the doctrine, for good.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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