Businesswoman Sofia Vergara Not Just a Pretty Face and a 32F Bust


Sofia Vergara may be considered one of the hottest bombshells on television today, known widely for her 32F bust, but the actress is more than just a pretty face and a curvy silhouette. In an upcoming interview with Vanity Fair, the actress reveals how she became a successful businesswoman long before most Americans knew she existed.

In the interview, the Modern Family actress reveals that when her current fiancè, Joe Manganiello, learned that she was newly single, he called her co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, to ask for her number. The buxom brunette, 42, told Ferguson not to share it with him, saying that Manganiello was “too handsome.” It took Ferguson two days to convince Vergara to allow him to give Manganiello, who stars in the movie Magic Mike XXL, her number. Once they began talking, says Vergara, they were “inseparable.” The couple became engaged on Christmas while vacationing in Hawaii.

The Latin beauty also tells Vanity Fair about the troubles she had breaking into Hollywood from a career spent mainly in the world of Spanish-speaking entertainment. To do so, Vergara was equal parts tenacious and enterprising. She began by hiring a speech coach in an attempt to mitigate her thick accent, but quickly realized that focusing on how she spoke during auditions was preventing her from acting. She soon decided to use what others considered to be a negative and turn it into a positive, saying that she came to realize that if she could not “get a job with my accent, this is not a job for me.”

The actress, a successful businesswoman in her own right, stars in the upcoming movie Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon. Vergara is not immune to the gifts she has been given, among them a pretty face and a 32F bust. Her hourglass figure is envied by women the world over and she admits that her “boobs are, like, huge.” Vergara confesses to wishing that her breasts were not natural, demonstrating with her hands how far to her sides they fall when she lays down, saying, “Believe me, I wish I had fake boobs.”

Vergara was born in Colombia. Before achieving international fame, during the late 1990s, the actress appeared as a co-host of two Spanish-language television shows for Univisión. In 2003, she made her first notable English-speaking acting appearance in the movie Chasing Papi. That role led to appearances in other films, including Tyler Perry’s 2009 movie, Madea Goes to Jail, for which she was nominated for an ALMA award. While continuing to portray Gloria on Modern Family, Vergara has continued acting in various movies. During the years 2012 and 2013, she was the highest-earning actress on U.S. television.

She may seem the epitome of a sexpot, but Vergara is not just a pretty face and a size 32F bust. During the 1990s, her manager, Luis Balaguer, and her realized that the world of Latin talent management was being ruled by Univisión. Together, they formed their own company, Latin World Entertainment, and set up camp in Univisión’s parking lot. Says Balaguer, the duo “signed everyone who walked in and out the door.” Their refusal to give in to or back off from pressure led to Latin WE becoming an entertainment powerhouse in areas of production, marketing and licensing. Vergara describes her success as a businesswoman as hitting “the jackpot.”

By Jennifer Pfalz

Vanity Fair

Image by WEBN-TV – Flickr License

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