Cody Walker in Talks to Continue in ‘Fast and Furious 8’

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Cody Walker, the youngest brother of Paul Walker, is in talks with the producers of Fast and Furious to star in the next film. It is not officially known whether Walker will take up his late brother’s place, or if he will get a new character, but social media is strife with suggestions.

Cody and his twin brother Caleb, stepped in as body doubles to fill in for their late brother to complete the remaining scenes of Furious 7. Cody enjoyed what he did despite getting a crash-course in acting while shooting the movie. Even though he did not have any prior acting experience, Cody has decided to pursue it as a career. He has signed a deal with the same company that launched Paul’s career, Paradigm.

The younger Walker has worked as a paramedic and has also been the brand manager of his brother’s nonprofit, Reach Out WorldWide. The 26-year-old has his brother’s build and blue eyes, and has also trained as a stuntman. He is looking for roles in other films and television shows too. He has expressed interest in the Furious franchise and a production source told the Daily Mail that it would be a tribute to Paul if Cody carried on the Walker legacy in the series.

It is rumored that if Cody comes on board Fast and Furious 8, he would be introduced as Paul’s character, Brian O’Connor’s, younger relative and not continue as his double. This might come as a relief to the movie fans who had already bid adieu to Paul when he was shown retiring at the end of the previous movie. The movie’s emotional ending did not lend itself to bringing the character back, as Paul decides to leave the danger behind to raise his family. A few suggestions for Cody’s character include introducing him as Paul’s younger brother, to acting as the character’s grown-up son, Jack.

Furious 7 did extremely well worldwide, becoming the fifth ever highest grossing film. It made $1.153 billion at the box office within a month of its release. All Furious sequels have always done better than the previous film. The movie’s lead single, See You Again has also been doing well on Spotify. Actor and producer, Vin Diesel had announced that the movie will return with Fast and Furious 8 in April 2017 during the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and said that it was Paul who used to say that Fast and Furious 8 was guaranteed. “Seven was for Paul, eight is from Paul,” Diesel added.

Diesel also has been dropping other hints about the series but has not mentioned anything about Cody continuing in Fast and Furious 8. Diesel did say though, that there might be more Furious movies in the pipeline because he always thinks about films in multiples and trilogies. According to the International Business Times, the next movie will be largely based in New York and there are indications that Kurt Russell, who played Mr. Nobody in Furious 7 will return in a larger role. Actor Dwayne Johnson, who plays Luke Hobbs has also said that he will return. He said that they had to raise the bar for action in the next film.

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