Dennis Quaid Video Leak Keeps People Wondering


It is no secret when it comes to showbiz, there are some actors who have gained a bit of a reputation for being difficult to work with.  However, Dennis Quaid has never seemed to be one of those actors, until maybe now. Quaid was caught on camera losing his cool on set, to say the least, but the public is questioning the video’s authenticity.

In the leaked 44-second clip, Quaid is shown screaming profanities and calling off-camera people derogatory names, followed by comments regarding the extreme lack of professionalism being shown by crew members during filming. A voice can be heard from someone in the room making an attempt to calm the enraged actor by softly saying his name, but that only pushed the 61-year-old over the edge. Although the leaked video of Quaid has been viewed more than 720,000 times, it keeps people wondering if there is any truth behind it. It would appear the majority of those who viewed the shocking clip believe what they have seen is nothing more than the realistic hoaxes put on by the man who seems to fool just about anybody, Jimmy Kimmel, himself.

Up until the video was released, the outwardly fun-loving man who won over so many hearts with movies like The Parent Trap and The Rookie, seemed to be keeping things pretty low-key in the acting department, but according to Deadline, Quaid has been preparing for his comeback with his new role in a series written and directed by James Vanderbilt called Truth. The new show, which will stream on Sony’s Crackle, is already in pre-production and depicts the scandal that ended the careers of both Dan Rather, CBS newsman, and Mary Mapes, 60 Minutes producer. Oddly enough, it just so happens that the same day Quaid left an event he attended for the new upcoming series also just happens to be the same day his “freak-out” video was leaked to the public. Coincidence? Hard to say, since the response he gave when confronted and questioned about the video was very minimal.

The possibility that Jimmy Kimmel has had anything to do with the leaked video is still up for debate. Considering Kimmel is no stranger to pulling stunts that share a remarkable resemblance to that of Quaid’s video, the people involved in the Twitter community keep saying that the multi-talented prankster is the one behind all the madness so there is no reason to wonder any further. Even though that assumption has been tossed around back and forth since the video hit the web, Kimmel has stayed fairly quiet and has not taken any responsibility for the clip.

Needless to say, whether the video is the real deal or just a fake does not change the fact that it has certainly put Quaid back on Hollywood’s radar. Like they say, all PR is good PR and with Quaid popping back up on the scene for his role in the new upcoming series Truth, this might have been just the kind of thing he needed to give himself a little extra push back in front of the spotlight. Quaid has definitely made his presence known with the leaking of the video and the way it happened has undeniably become one of those unforgettable Hollywood moments that probably keep celebrities wishing people would just forget.

By Kameron Hadley


US Weekly


ET Online

Photo By Charlie Llewellin- Flickr License

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