‘Devious Maids’ Returning to Lifetime for Third Season

Devious Maids

Lifetime’s hit series, Devious Maids, is set to return to the network for its third season, premiering on June 1, 2015. The show was originally renewed in September 2014, for another run of 13 episodes. In time for this new season, the show will be moving to a new night, from Sunday to Monday, this year.

Devious Maids was created by Marc Cherry, who also acts as one of the executive producers along with Eva Longoria and Sabrina Wind. ABC Studios produces the series for the Lifetime network, and the show is based on a telenovela called, Ellas son… la alegria del hogar.

The show follows the lives of five maids who each have their own dreams and ambitions, all while still having to work for the rich and famous individuals of Beverly Hills. Devious Maids takes place in a world of both mayhem and murder, inside the mansions where some of the most powerful and richest people live. The underlying story revolves around class warfare, and the idea that the people working for the rich and famous can be just as witty, charming, devilish and clever as those individuals that they work for.

Devious MaidsThe maids at the very heart of the show are Zoila, Valentina, Carmen, Rosie and Marisol. The women are played by Judy Reyes, Edy Ganem, Roselyn Sanchez, Dania Ramirez and Ana Ortiz respectively. All of the women work together, and have a bond that has been forged by not only their jobs, but also by the drama and life struggles they must contend with. The cast, both returning and new, includes such veterans as Susan Lucci, Grant Show, Gilles Marini, Cristian de la Fuente and John O’Hurley.

When season three of Devious Maids returns to Lifetime, it will pick up where the second season ended, in the midst of a dramatic cliffhanger. A gunman had crashed the wedding of Spence and Rosie, aiming for the maids. With tragedy striking, the women must learn to lean on each other to get through this turbulent time, even as they continue to face the upheaval and complexities in their own lives.

Zoila is figuring out what to do when she learns that not only is she pregnant but unsure of who the child’s father may be. Carmen is discovering that not everyone is as they seem as she deals with Sebastien. Marisol has strong aspirations that are leading her towards a career change. Remi and Valentina are struggling to connect with each other following the dramatic scene at the wedding. Plus, there is a new maid on the scene, Blanca played by Naya Rivera, and while she may think everything is perfect, there are always secrets hidden below the surface that can change a person’s life forever.

Fans of the hit Lifetime show, Devious Maids, can look forward to the return of the third season in June to find out what happens and how the maids move on after the dramatic season two finale. The show is set to air in the 9PM time slot, and lead into the new series UnREAL.

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