Bad Girls Club Star Linsey (Jade) Berardi Found Dead

Bad Girls Club

Season 12 Bad Girls Club (BGC) star Linsey (Jade) Berardi was found dead at the age of 22. Her cause of death has not yet been determined.

Bad Girls Club is a reality show where seven charismatic women are chosen for their “bad girl” persona from different backgrounds whom are all living in a grandeur mansion. The women are entertained with a luxury lifestyle of partying and pampering for three months in and outside of the house. Berardi was chosen for the show along with other women her age.

Berardi was known on the show as Brooklyn Brat, since she was a New York native. The 22 year old star appeared on the Oxygen show last May for a brief period. She left the show voluntarily following a fight she had with cast member Jada Cacchilli. Many of the Bad Girls Club stars have expressed sympathy for the young women’s death via Twitter.

While the news was broadcast on twitter, Oxygen confirmed the death on Friday, April 3. The BGC blog on Oxygen states that her family asks that instead of flowers, donations should be sent to animal Shelters. Berardi was a passionate advocate and lover of animals.

A couple of day’s before the announcement of Berardi’s death sources say she posted a message on Facebook informing friends and family she was going away for medical reasons. Moreover, she mentioned that during this period she wasn’t going to be speaking to anyone.

Many have tweeted their heartfelt prayers to her family and friends. Jada Cacchilli stated in an Instagram post how the two became “cool” and were able to let go of the dispute they endured on the show. She clarified that the two being cool did not mean they were friends, but her condolences goes out to the family and friends of Berardi. However, according to US Weekly, Cacchilli stated, ” drugs ruined many lives.”

The cause of the Bad Girls Club star’s death is still not clear, and Cacchilli’s tweet does not mean it drugs were involved although it was posted soon after her sympathy plea. No accusations have been proven, and other members of the 12 season show have not said anything else relating to Cacchilli’s tweet.

Loren “Lo” London, another BGC cast member, tweeted her condolences before Oxygen’s confirmation. It said that she hoped the rumors of Berardi were not true and immediately sent her prayers out to the 22 year old star’s family. While many of the Bad Girls Club crew were saddened by their fellow co-star’s death, they remain a strong group of women that are able to leave the problems they have had with each other behind, and come together and comfort one another in tragic times such as this.

The Bad Girls Club star found dead is sad for cast members and the Oxygen network because the star was too young to lose her life. She had much more life ahead of her; and although she suffered from possible medical conditions, reaching out for help was what Berardi needed instead of turning away from everyone in a Facebook message.

By Krystle Mitchell


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Photo By: Emilio Labrador – Flickr License

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