Easter: Is It a Holiday, Celebration, or Both


The majority of people, regardless of their religious background are familiar with Easter and what it stands for. There are a select few who are unsure of what it is, and why it is acknowledged. Others who are familiar with the concept of Easter, are not sure if it is a holiday, a celebration, or a little of both.

According to the Christian faith and believers of Christ, Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ after He was crucified on the cross and buried in a tomb. Three days later, He was found to have risen from the dead, before ascending in to Heaven. There are four different renditions of the story of the death of Jesus Christ that can be found in the Bible in the books of Matthew, John, Mark, and Luke. Each account of the story is from a different perspective, but have several similarities overall. In the Christian faith, Easter represents a celebration.

For most of America, it represents a holiday and a time to attend church, egg hunts, and arrange visits from the Easter bunny. Several businesses, if open, host egg hunts and hire a bunny to come and takes pictures with kids. The marketing side of the holiday brings in extra business and helps to attract more customers than usual.

Many restaurants profit from the success of the holiday as well because most people go out to eat for dinner following church service in the morning. Some congregations, like Life Point Church, have made it a weekend long event. It appears that Easter can be considered both a holiday and a celebration; it just depends on how you look at it.

For children everywhere, Easter means egg hunts, baskets of candy and goodies, visits to see and take pictures with the bunny, and fancy clothes or new outfits. Photographers enjoy extra clientele in celebration of this time as well. Sometimes, the true meaning behind this special day is clouded by the commercialism and excess marketing of it.

Easter is also the time of year that the attendance is highest at church. Whether or not a person believes in the story of Jesus does not seem to matter so much. It just appears to be the right thing to do and the right place to be on this morning every year. Even churches take in the marketing aspect of the holiday where the signs in the church yards are covered in messages and quotes inviting people to attend their facility that day.

Every year, the date the holiday falls on can vary between the ends of March and April. It all depends on when the full moon falls, after the beginning of spring becomes official on March 21st. It is the only holiday that has such a huge variation in regards to the day that it is celebrated. No matter what one believes, it is obvious that Easter is huge – call it a celebration, holiday or both – everyone acknowledges its’ importance and reacts accordingly.

By Tonia D. Benas


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