Outlander Is Back After Its Seasoned Intermission

The Following Article Contains Spoilers

Outlander is a British-American television show based on the historical, time travel, novel series written by Diana Gabaldon. Season one left its fans with a cliff hanger after 16 episodes from book one of the series, and is returning with season two of book two, Dragon fly in Amber, on Starz, April 4 at 9 p.m. EST. It is safe to say Outlander is back after its seasoned intermission.

For those who have never seen or read the Outlander series, it is a multi-genre, historical production. The plot is about a married women named Claire Randall, from 1945 WWII, who travels back in time to a civil war that occurred during the 18th Century in Scotland, finding warrior Jamie Fraser.

The difference between the first and second season is the viewpoint coming from Jaime. The new season also will not pick up from Season 1’s cliffhanger, which makes fans wait longer. Season two has to transition its fans into Jamie’s viewpoint, so they can get a better understanding of what he felt like once he was given the information his wife Claire was kidnapped by the British.

Outlander is returning with more of its erotic scenes after the seasoned intermission including the risqué scene, “The Spanking.” Claire and Jamie’s relationship is traditional where he dominates and she submits during any intercourse interaction. While in the scene, a heated argument takes place and he spanks her as a punishment. Then, she fights back with a kick that is followed by a heated sex scene.

Ronald D. Moore is the executive producer of the show and he told Entertainment Weekly (EW) season one should have been Jaime’s point of view (POV), but it would have been harder to grasp the female readers’ audience, and that is why he decided to switch the viewpoints for the seasons. He also tells EW that the sex scenes will remain hot, although it is from a male’s perspective. The breathtaking image of Jamie’s perfect husband characteristics will not be removed due to the viewpoint being different. The second season will continue to appeal to its fans with its romance, politics, and liaison between Claire and Jamie. While more of Jamie’s past will be presented throughout the season with the backstory of how the character became the warrior he is known to be.

A few more spoilers for eager fans include Frank returns to England, a skinny-dipping scene, witchcraft may put Claire and Gellis’ friendship into danger, and Captain Black Jack Randall will continue to rogue Claire and Jamie. A big issue that will occur within season two is the troubled marriage that arises with Jamie and Claire. Jamie will find that Castle Leoch is not happy about the marriage and Laoghire will be upset with Claire taking her Jamie. Claire confesses she does not like being married to Jamie after many arguments. While Jamie goes to The Duke to clear him of murder charges.

Outlander is officially back after its seasoned intermission and airs tonight on Starz at 9 p.m. EST. With beautiful scenery, martial feuds, Jamie’s POV, and difficulty with the Captain, fans are in for a ride.

By Krystle Mitchell

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Photo By Jackie Macpherson – Flickr License

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