Effective Communication Is Essential to Business Success

businessAs technology continues to advance it seems the art of communication is suffering greatly. Technology is designed to enhance the practice of business but in order to use it correctly people must understand the pros and cons when incorporating certain aspects. The failure to utilize technology correctly can negatively impact efficiency and communication.

In business, one must possess effective communication skills. Clear and concise communication is essential the company’s overall success. Poor communication can negatively affect the bottom line and lead to a drain on productivity. Effective communication requires extra effort when dealing with business partners and associates as well as the customer.

Electronic communication, although extremely beneficial, can hinder the process of relaying information. Emails, when vague, tend to waste time as opposed to enhance workflow. Instead of going back and forth it is important to make every effort to communicate effectively and clearly the first time. In order to accomplish this, here are a few tips to adopt:

  • Before hitting the send button, pause to read the communication over to ensure the subject matter has been addressed completely.
  • Instead of long paragraphs adjust the structure to include bullet points in order to ensure the communication is easy to follow and understand.
  • If the communication is a reply check to see that every question has been answered or addressed before finalizing the email.
  • At the end of the communication ask the recipient for feedback such as receipt confirmation and/or to share their thoughts.
  • If there is confusion or a lack of clarity do not reciprocate the method of response, instead pick up the phone or speak in person to avoid further misunderstanding and wasted time and effort.

When communication fails, the company’s bottom line suffers. By identifying barriers to effective communication changes can be made to create a workable union between employees and potential customers. No business is successful without customers; they are the very reason the business exists. Communication with the customer is as vital outside of the company as it is within the workplace.

The advancement in technology makes sharing information easier today that it has ever been. Ensuring constant and concise communication within and without will bring the company that much closer to those who desire to spend money on the company’s services and products. More than sales, effective communication weighs heavily as it relates to providing excellent customer service. Communicating clearly with customers helps to guarantee the company always delivers the best customer experience and serves as another critical component to building customer relationships.

Communication is the lifeline of any business and must be clear or the bottom line suffers. Without effective communication instructions could not be given, supplies could not be ordered or delivered to customers. The ongoing advancement of technology offers instantaneous and diverse forms of communication options. Its use can be beneficial to a company’s productivity, success and growth or it can serve as a major hindrance.

By implementing the simple tips included in this article the communication process can be simplified. Poor communication practices cause the majority of problems businesses face as well as with employee’s interactions in and outside of the workplace. Clear and concise communication takes extra effort, but has proven to be worthwhile when ensuring the bottom line and success of a company.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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