TSA Fires Two Screeners for Conspiring to Fondle Male Passengers

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has fired two airport security screeners for colluding to fondle male passengers as they were screened in security checkpoints at Denver International Airport. One of the TSA screeners, a man, let a female coworker know he found a passenger attractive before going through the scanning machine. The coworker then pressed the button on the computer, indicating that the person in the scanner machine was a woman.

According to a report by the Denver police, the scanner alerted the TSA officials that it located an oddity in the area of the person’s genitals, due to the fact that the wrong button was intently pressed. A physical pat down of the person’s groin was then completed.

The agency released a statement which condemned the acts by the two screeners, stating their actions, “are egregious and intolerable.” The two TSA officers have been fired from their posts. Currently, an investigation by the agency is underway.

An unnamed airport employee contacted the TSA in November of last year, saying the male screener had told her that he “gropes” male passengers. During questioning by an investigator, the female officer admitted the she had signaled the male screener on 10 other instances. The Denver District Attorney’s office stated it refuses to go into further prosecution, stating without a known victim there will be no likelihood of a conviction.

By Alex Lemieux


Denver Post

Photo by Danfinkelstein – Flickr License