Eurovision 2015: Semi-Final #2 – Representatives and Song Choices (Part 2)

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There are 17 countries in the second semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This list represents the participants from Portugal onwards.

Portugal: Leonor Andrade, 20, will be singing the song Há um mar que nos separa (There’s a Sea That Separates Us.) The singer is best known for competing in the second season of The Voice Portugal; however, she ended up being eliminated in the installment’s 13th episode.

Czech Republic: Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta will represent their country with the song Hope Never Dies. Both singers are from Prague, and have also acted and written their own music.

Israel: 16-year-old Nadav Guedj, who was born in Paris but moved to the country in question at a young age with his family, is performing the song Golden Boy. Guedj rose to fame upon winning HaKohav HaBa (The Next Star), at the end of the show’s second season. This entry is the first ever Israeli choice to be fully sung in English. Although those in his home country refer to him as “The Israeli Justin Timberlake”, the singer says he prefers to be known rather as “simple and regular Nadav”.

Latvia: Aminata (full name Aminata Savadogo) will try her hand at acceptance into the May 23 Eurovision Grand Final with the song Love Injected. This is not the 22-year-old’s first shot at the prize; in 2014, she placed fifth in the final upon attempting to win for her home country.

Azerbaijan: Eurovision veteran Elnur Hüseynov is performing Hour of the Wolf. In 2008, he and Samir Javadzadeh performed as the duo Elnur and Samir. They sang the song Day After Day, ending up in eighth place. The pair broke off their professional relationship shortly after the contest ended, and Elnur now regularly performs at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall. The 28-year-old submitted an application to represent this country back in 2011, but failed to compete in the semifinals.

Iceland: María Ólafs, 22, will be singing Unbroken. As of right now, the singer has no other musical work to her name aside from this one song with which she will be attempting to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw, who is best known for ranking fifth in Idol 2005 and winning the first season of Let’s Dance, is representing this country with the track Heroes. He is also familiar with the Eurovision process, having attempted to represent Sweden back in 2007 with his hit song Cara Mia.

Switzerland: Singing Time to Shine is 24-year-old Mélanie René. Much like the Icelandic representative, she does not have any other music that has been made public previous to this entry.

Cyprus: With the song One Thing I Should Have Done, is Giannis Karagiannis. In 2007 and 2008, he attempted to represent this country in their national final in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Slovenia: Maraaya will be singing Here for You, at this year’s ESC. This is a Slovene duo consisting of Marjetka and Raay, a vocalist and producer. The pair are married, and have two children together.

Poland: Monika Kuszyńska is singing In the Name of Love for her shot at this year’s Eurovision title. The 35-year-old’s musical credits include being the former lead vocalist of the Polish pop rock band Varius Manx.

It is anyone’s guess who will advance to the grand final, which also takes place in Vienna, Austria. It will be held on May 23, 2015.

By Rebecca Grace


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