Evan Peters Now Confirmed for American Horror Story: Hotel

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American Horror Story

Despite Jessica Lange officially leaving the American Horror Story franchise, one original cast member has been confirmed for season five, Hotel; Evan Peters. The actor who has played a number of main roles over the last five years has said that he is definitely appearing in the fifth season of the popular, gory TV show.

He is not the only alum confirmed for the show. Sarah Paulson has also confirmed that she will be back. The two are the only two actors who have been there for every single season of American Horror Story. Kathy Bates and Matt Bomer have also confirmed their appearance in the fifth season, after their appearances in season four. Other alum will come back, including Chloe Sevigny, who has not been seen since she was killed off in American Horror Story: Asylum.

Peters is the only cast member to have a central role in all previous seasons of the show. In the first season he played teenage ghost Tate, who had a strange love story with Violet and tried desperately to save her from her overdose but it was all in vain. The second season saw him take on the role of Kit, who was put in the asylum after being convicted of murder despite being taken by aliens. He then went onto play Kyle, the college student his love interest Zoe brought back from the dead, and Jimmy, a.k.a. Lobster Boy, in seasons three and four respectively.

Peters confirmed this week that he is set to return to American Horror Story: Hotel. So far, one new cast member has been confirmed for the season. Lady Gaga tweeted two months ago to say that she would be in the fifth season, expected to be aired in October.

Very little has been shared about the season, which is common for executive producer Ryan Murphy. He likes to keep people guessing, wondering what gory details will be included and what the storyline will center around. During season four he did confirm that all the seasons are somehow connected. Season four was the first time that a clear link was created, and the first time a character from a previous season was brought back. Many wonder whether something similar could happen with season five, or whether aliens will somehow be involved again.

One hint has been that the hotel is haunted, which could link it to the first season. American Horror Story: Murder House centered on a family who had moved into a house where everyone who dies there is trapped as a spirit. The only day the spirits can leave the premises is Halloween. Many fans will wonder whether something similar will be used for Hotel, and whether it will be set in the future using the Murder House as the haunted hotel.

Murphy has raised more questions. In a tweet, he shared that Peters will be waiting for everyone in Room 64, suggesting that Peters will play a ghost again. While it raises a lot of questions, many fans will just be happy to hear that original cast member Peters has been confirmed for American Horror Story: Hotel.

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