Pete Rose Gambling Problem Ruined His MLB Career, Until Now


Pete Rose, 74, all-time hits leader, is said to return to the league, after being hired last week as Fox Sports commentator and guest analyst on many pre-game shows. Rose gambling problem ruined his MLB career until now. He was banned from MLB 25 years ago when he was found guilty for gambling against his team, Cincinnati Reds. Baseball was all he ever knew and after being banned he has been spending his time signing autographs and speaking to anyone that was still interested. It has been devastating for him to be on the outside looking in, on his favorite sport, and being hired by Fox Sports opens the opportunity which gives him a chance to be a little closer to the field.

The all-time leader, was found guilty for gambling against his own team, with 1989, Commissioner Bart Giamatti. He agreed to the life-time banning by Giamatti, when he bet on the team’s club he was managing. Rose remained known as the 17 -time All-Star, and three-time World Series champion by being loved and hated by many. His gambling addiction, has revealed his narcissist personality, and over the years he has had trouble struggling to get hold of his problems. ¬†According to Psychology of Sports, a person who believes his gambling on other teams had no influence on his club management, contradicts themselves, because they do not know much about the functionality of the human brain.

Rose is said to have a long history of documented diagnostics of pathological gambling. He is said to have lied to cover up his problem due to being in denial, which is a known characteristic amongst other addicts. The all-star has also been convicted for income tax violations, resulting that he has issues paying the government back. Rose gambling problem ruined his MLB career, and if he has not sought out treatment to get it under control, it is not going to be surprising if it ruins his recent opportunity with Fox Sports again.

Lots of back and forth has occurred between Fox and MLB, due to the banning of the all-star. Since he was banned from all activities that were related to MLB,¬†Fox had to come up with a way to have Rose gain access to participate in this summer’s All-Star game in Cincinnati. Commissioner Rob Manfred, allowed¬†Fox to grant Rose some participation rights, but conversations with Reds owner Bob Castellini will still take place to help decipher which activities Rose can participate in.

25-years later, one would expect the World Series champion to be over his gambling addictions, and MLB’s Commissioner and Red’s owner, taking precautions of how to allow the champion to participate in the upcoming summer All-star game are understandable. They must protect the league, themselves, and Rose from further damage since his addiction still exists. The 17-hits All-Star leader, still has a huge fan base that do not care about his addiction or whether or not he returns to MLB for good, but are very supportive with the fact that he is closer to where his heart truly rests, and has the opportunity to have any reinstatement to his passion during the late stage of his life.

Rose gambling problem ruined his MLB career previously, and now that he has a second chance hopefully it will not ruin it again. All Rose has wanted was to be on the field, and at 74, he now has that opportunity, but he also has a dangerous addiction.

By Krystle Mitchell


Sports Illustrated


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Photo by Lori Branham -Creativecommons Flickr Licence


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