Freddie Gray May Have Attempted to Injure Himself, According to Report


According to a prisoner that was in the police transport van with Freddie Gray, he could hear him, “banging against the walls,” of the van. The prisoner stated he thought Gray was trying to hurt himself intentionally. During the alleged incident the prisoner was separated from Gray by a metal barrier.

The correspondence with the prisoner and the Baltimore investigator offers the first insight into what could have transpired while Gray was in the transport van. Currently, it is unclear if any of the investigation has unearthed evidence that supports the prisoner’s version of the events.

On April 12, Gray was found in an unconscious state in the back of the transport van when he was brought to the Baltimore police station. He suffered a spinal cord injured that tore 80 percent of his spine just below the brain stem.

Riots have ensued in many metropolitan areas across the nation in support of Gray and his family. Last night, hundreds of people were arrested in Baltimore from acts that led to injured police officers. Angry Baltimore residents took to the streets, looting and pillaging business and parked cars.

By Alex Lemieux


Washington Post

Photo by Vladmir Badikov – Creativecommons Flickr License



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