‘Furious 7’ Is Speeding Its Way to Moviegoers Around the World


Furious 7 is speeding its way to moviegoers around the world with an extraordinary second weekend showing. The movie kept its momentum and remained the number one movie at the box office, with sales totaling $60.6 million in theaters across the country. That makes for a total revenue take of $252.2 million so far.

The film that focuses on speed and cars joins a small handful of other films, including The Avengers and The Hunger Games, to remain box office hits for a second weekend. Some are crediting the success to producers shooting the film in several locations. This keeps the public interested, because of a connection to the location.

Even moviegoers in China were enduring heavy storms to attend Furious 7 showings, when it opened for midnight screenings. The film earned $8.05 million in its midnight screenings in China, outpacing Transformers: Age of Extinction, which earned $3.38 million for similar screenings.

The Chinese had an additional treat for the Furious 7 premier in March. Actors Van Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham visited Beijing for the premiere. Diesel hinted the eighth movie in the franchise could be filmed there, but that remains uncertain, because the franchise’s future is currently in limbo with no plans set for another movie.

One reason for success of Furious 7 in China could be because the film made history in the number of formats it is in for its release. The action movie was released in three major formats, 3-D, Imax and China Giant Screen. It was the movie to be released in all three formats.

The movie, full of thrills and chills, has also done well in India. In fact, news from that country said the movie is now in an elite club of top-grossing films. It is being shown there on 2,800 screens in multiple languages. Diesel and the late Paul Walker, are now superstars in the country, according to celebrity reports.

Though the movie has done extremely well, it did have a drop off in U.S. attendance for the second weekend. The drop was 59 percent, which critics said is actually good, but does not come close to the predicted success other films scheduled to be released in early summer. It remains in 4,022 theaters.

Neil Moritz, who took over the film’s production after the death of Walker, said it was a struggle to complete the picture for a variety of reasons. Obviously, Walker’s sudden death significantly impacted production. Moritz said Walker would have wanted this movie finished, and that helped push him through it to completion. Walker died during a break from filming when the sports car he was riding in crashed. Moritz said producing the film, with all of its challenges, took a toll on him both physically and emotionally. He said it was the most difficult thing he has ever done.

Even with the success of Furious 7, the future of the franchise remains uncertain. No pre-production work has started for an eighth film. There is not a director or a writer for it, and it is uncertain how casting will be done because no contracts have been signed with any of the current actors for future movies. Moritz said he and others will talk in a few weeks about it. For now, he wants to enjoy the success of this film. Meanwhile, Furious 7 continues to head at nitrous speeds to moviegoers around the world.

By Melody Dareing



Hollywood Reporter


Photo by Automotive Rhythms – Flickr license

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