Game of Thrones Season Five Premieres This Weekend

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season five is almost here, premiering this weekend. Fans around the world will be excited to hear that the Lannisters and Starks are back, and fans in the United States and Canada will even be able to stream through HBO Now. Everything you need to know about season five of the hot HBO show is right here.

Watching it has just been made much easier; that is as long as HBO Now can survive the expected millions of people watching in this method. Last week, HBO finally released a streaming-only service to U.S. residents; Canadian residents get it through Bell’s CraveTV. There is no longer the need for the cable subscription to watch Game of Thrones on the go, meaning that the show may not be the most illegally downloaded program this year.

At the moment, only those with Apple devices can stream. However, those with Android devices will hopefully get the app within the next few weeks. HBO is still to confirm this.

As many get ready for the weekend of potentially gruesome deaths, it is worth catching up. Season five of Game of Thrones premieres this weekend, and the trailers have been relatively spoiler free. All that is really known is that Tyrion Lannister may just come across Deanerys Targaeryn at some point during the season.

The last time Tyrion was seen, he was on a boat on the way across the Narrow Sea after escaping from jail, thanks to Verys and Jaime Lannister. Cersei is definitely not going to be happy, although she may be a little relieved to hear that Tywin Lannister is now dead. Charles Dance is reportedly coming back for season five, but it seems that flashbacks may be used for the first time in Game of Thrones.

Sansa Stark is now in charge of The Vale, with her uncle Littlefinger by her side. The last she was seen she protected Littlefinger for the death of her Aunt Lysa and took on a much darker wardrobe. She may be growing up this season, and may just be a character to fear from now on.

Sansa’s sister Arya did get to The Vale with the Hound, only to find out that Lysa was dead. Rather than getting through, the Hound took her away and ended up getting killed—presumably since Arya left him for dead. She is now on her way to Bravos.

Jon Snow faced the Wildings in a full episode of Game of Thrones dedicated to the story of The Wall. Stannis Baratheon is also now on the other side of The Wall, and it looks like they may join with the Wildings to take care of the White Walkers and give him another army to take on the Lannisters at Kings Landing.

There is a lot going on in Game of Thrones at the moment, and plenty of questions arising. There are now different ways of watching it thanks to the new HBO Now, so viewers have no excuse when Game of Thrones season five premieres this weekend.

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