Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Cases Are Approaching

Supreme Court
The Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage cases are approaching their hearings on April 28. As it gets closer to the date, it is clear to see many reasons why the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) may decide to allow same-sex marriage. This is a huge date for gay Americans. It will mark a time in history that will require a rule to allow all states to marry gays. While many believe they will not approve the ruling due to many states continuing to ban gay marriage, hopes are still high amongst gays, due to the need to reduce discrimination against all Americans.

In 2013, the court shut down the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), which stated Congress is not able to deny federal recognition to same-sex marriage if states already permit them. If the court extends the Windsor act, which allows every state to allow gay-marriage, then remaining states will no longer need to hold rulings with the SCOTUS to continue to pass the law.

On April 28, the same-sex marriage cases are being held for four states with martial bans in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The Supreme Court has set up an audition for both sides of the case that are for and against marriage equality to choose lawyers that support each of the chosen arguments.

As the SCOTUS same-sex cases approach, activist that are for marriage-equality chose Mary Bonauto because she won the first gay-marriage case in Massachusetts. She will argue whether or not the Fourteenth Amendment requires a state license for same-sex marriage. Joining her will be Washington Supreme Court litigator Douglas Howard Driemeier, who will argue whether or not the Fourteenth Amendment requires a state to recognize gays married elsewhere. Lastly, U.S Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. will argue same-sex marriage is allowed in all 50 states.

On the opposing side, John Bursch, Michigan solicitor general, and Joesph Whalen, Tennessee solicitor, will argue. All four states will argue for their own defense.

The Supreme Court justice have a right to pass laws, which pursue and benefits equality within the constitution that is backed by the government. There are currently 37 states which allow same-sex marriage. Many polls have been taken by Americans supporting gay marriage as high as 67 percent. While the vote is left in the hands of the Supreme Court, the result of how many will vote for same-sex marriage is what keeps American gays on edge.

The hearing of the Supreme Court same-sex marriage cases approaching is a big deal for all Americans. It will determine whether America will stick to its current status of only some states allowing gays to marry, or whether the entire nation will allow for equality of same-sex marriage. Once the final ruling of the case is determined, that will be the start of a new future not only for America, but for the entire world. Many countries will awaken and some conflicts may occur due to lots of people believing how wrong it still is. However, change is always the way for America.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell

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