Google Provides a Wealth of Information and Resources

Most people are familiar with the company, Google, and have utilized the search engine to find any and everything possible online. What most people do not know is that Google is a powerhouse, hosting a wealth of information and valuable resources through its’ sister companies, and several different products and features. Navigating through all of them is where the work begins.

In 1995, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started with a dream of providing consumers with information on an infinite basis. Originally named BackRub, the company was founded and quickly began to rise through the ranks. As other companies such as Yahoo and Bing began to emerge, they proved no match for the likes of Page and Brin’s product.

As the search engine began to grow with accessibility in over fifteen languages, they added products such as: Adsense, Adwords, Zeitgeist, Images, News, and a search toolbar. As they added in more products, the revenue and net worth of the company climbed into the billions. Now accessible to customers all over the globe, Google is not only a gateway to a wealth of information, but a portal full of resources.

Whether or not Page and Brin foresaw the tremendous success the company would experience is unknown. However, their drive for continued innovation and the thrill to be at the top of the latest advancements in technology is known the-world-over. Most applications that are used everyday online including email, search engines, videos, and news are all a part of or linked to Google in one way or another.

The majority of people, over four hundred million, have a Gmail account and utilize their plus feature for most of their social media needs. For those who have smart phones, which is most of America, a Gmail account is required for downloading applications and games. Businesses and consumers can see the many positive reasons for partnering with and utilizing Google products and services.

As though those products were not plenty to keep businesses in constant communication with consumers, other applications were also added in to the collection. Grants were created as a platform for non-profit organizations, Earth was created to help people navigate and view 3-D live pictures of specific addresses, and Analytics was created to help businesses track hits and demographics of visitors to their websites.

There are a host of other products, including Finance, Calendar, Trends, and Wallet, that really gives the company an explosive presence both online and offline. Owning stock in the company would be a smart investment move, with prices currently at $535.53 a share according to NASDAQ. With its’ continued growth, a positive return on an investment in Google would seem inevitable.

Since its inception in 1995, the company has expanded from the initial search engine beginnings, to many products utilized by companies and individuals the-world-over. By offering so many products and services to consumers, Google has proven to be a wealth of information, and a vital location of much needed resources.

By Tonia D. Benas

Photo by Images Money Flickr Page – Flickr License

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