Grey’s Anatomy Fans Get a Two-Hour Special to Mourn Derek Shepherd

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy fans are usually only give two-hour specials for season premieres and finales, but next week will be a special one to mourn Derek Shepherd. McDreamy was killed off in Thursday night’s episode, surprising and angering many fans. The only character that got to grieve on screen was his wife Meredith, after making the decision to take him off life support.

While fans remain angry at Shonda Rhimes for killing off a favorite and an original character, Grey’s Anatomy fans will get the special to say their goodbyes. They also got time within the episode to say their goodbyes, something that does not often happen with the show. Fans will remember how quickly characters like George O’Malley and Lexie Grey were killed off.

The two-hour special on Thursday night will show the reaction of all the characters at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, especially the likes of daughter Zola, sister Amelia and close friend and chief Owen. Fans are recommended to get their tissues ready as they deal throughout the Grey’s Anatomy special.

Social media still shows that fans are angry at Rhimes’ decision. Many want to know why she could not have just made him leave, even walk away from Meredith and keep the job in Washington D.C. However, that would have likely been unrealistic for his character. Despite being very career minded, he is also family-orientated. It would have also made it difficult for Patrick Dempsey who has hinted for some time that he wanted to walk away from the show.

The two-hour special of Grey’s Anatomy will give characters and fans the chance to mourn Derek Shepherd. There will likely be a mixture of emotions, just like there were on Thursday night. There are still many fans who have vowed not to watch another episode, similar to the way many reacted after Lexie and Mark were killed off in the season eight finale and season nine premiere.

Dempsey spoke out about the decision to kill off the character, saying that it was the natural progression. He is not angry at the decision, and says that it was the right time.

It is not often for Rhimes to kill off main characters. Sometimes it seems like it, but most of the characters chose to move on by leaving the hospital. Sandra Oh, who played Cristina, made the decision not to renew her contract after season 10 and her character moved to Switzerland. George, Lexie and Mark have been the only three main doctors to die on the show.

Shows have to make changes to lineups on a regular basis to keep the shows interesting. Grey’s Anatomy is no different, and has had to take out characters to make space for new ones. If that had not happened the likes of Callie Torres and Owen Hunt would not have been able to fit into the show.

Thursday night’s shocker episode led to the highest rated episode in seven months. The two-hour special of Grey’s Anatomy is expected to bring in a high number of viewers, too, as fans mourn the loss of Derek Shepherd along with the characters.

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