Bruce Jenner Transition Not a Publicity Stunt

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner has spoken out against those who claim that his decision to transition from male to female was a publicity stunt. He says that that definitely was not the case, and has been something he has wanted for a long time. During his last interview as a man, he says that “for all intents and purposes” he is now a woman and would like to be referred to as a “she” or “her.”

There have been a number of questions regarding Jenner’s transitioning. It has not been something he was open with, and it led to many rumors. On Friday, the former stepfather of the Kardashian sisters confirmed that he is in transition. He spoke to Diane Sawyer to address the rumors for the first time, saying that others who want to transition and are questioning their gender need someone they can look up to.

It is definitely not a publicity stunt. The Olympic athlete explained that he spent many years questioning himself and his gender. His heart and soul told him he was female, despite not being born that way. That made it very difficult to get on with his life, and he feels like he has lived a lie for his whole life. Now he is able to be the person that he wants to be.

During the interview, Jenner explained that he would regularly wear dresses, even though he knew as a boy he should not. It made it difficult to fit in, especially when he did not understand why he did it. Socializing was difficult and he had never been an outgoing person. Dealing with fitting in as a child or teenager is difficult in itself, but even harder when it is clear that he was different.

Making the decision to transition has not been a publicity stunt for Jenner. He spent a long time questioning whether it was the right thing to do. He worried about what he would tell people, and even worried about how to tell his story. That has been part of the reason for no interviews or speaking out during his transitioning period.

Sawyer did ask him about his sexuality during the interview. Jenner confirmed that he has always been and still is attracted to women. The 65-year-old recently went through a divorce from his wife Kris, who he married in 1991. They have two children together, and he has four others from previous relationships. He is also the stepfather to the Kardashian sisters, who are supportive of his decision. However, that support has not been easy for Khloe.

There were still some questions after the interview with Sawyer. Jenner skipped over some of the questions, including the one about a new name. It is possible that he has not made a decision on a new name yet, or would rather share that after the interview. He also preferred not to be photographed in a dress, which could make it difficult for others in transitioning looking up to him. Despite this, there are many who have supported Jenner in his decision to transition and tell his story, and accept that it is definitely not a publicity stunt.

By Alexandria Ingham


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