Grey’s Anatomy: One Flight Down [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

One Flight Down brought the memory of the plane crash back for Grey’s Anatomy doctors. As Meredith fears that her husband is missing, victims of a small plane crash came into the ER, bringing the memories of her dead sister back. Arizona also struggled to deal, as she has a constant reminder after having her leg amputated. Throughout the whole episode, fans and doctors were wondering where Derek is in all this.

It all starts with Richard driving to work to see the plane crash somewhere. As the victims start rolling into the ER, Meredith goes to find Arizona, who is in a supply closet trying to deal with the PTSD. Meredith tries to calm her down, repeating “we’re okay,” to make it clear that they are not the ones who were involved in the Grey’s Anatomy plane crash this week.

Karev still feels bad for not being on that plane. Arizona took his place because she was angry with him, so he stays with his friends, despite possibly being needed elsewhere in the hospital. It is Arizona who tells him to stop hovering and get back to work. She does eventually apologize, and Karev finally comes clean about being the one to cut her leg off. All this time on Grey’s Anatomy Arizona had thought Callie had done it.

It turns out for the last two years Arizona has had a grudge against Callie for cutting her leg off. It was something Callie was accepting, because she wanted Arizona to have somebody. Of course, Callie points out that she still made the call anyway, so Arizona could have still ended up resenting her and Karev if she always knew the truth.

One Flight Down was not just about the Grey’s Anatomy doctor who were on the plane. Owen is struggling since he was the one left in charge. He confides in Amelia to tell her all about it and the guilt he still has. Fans already know that he suffered with PTSD and this continues right now. Even though rationally he should know he did not cause the crash, he still takes on the blame and the guilt. One thing Shonda Rhimes does very well is giving her characters reasons for feeling certain ways, and Owen definitely has his reasons.

Meredith spends the entire episode worrying about her husband until Bailey tells her that she has to remain focused on work until 5pm. That is the only time that she can start worrying, and it seems that Bailey will even help her with the worrying and calling around to find out where Derek is.

The whole episode has a poignant message—about losing the people others love. While Meredith worries about Derek, two of the plane crash victims were on their first date. Edwards spends the whole episode trying to save these two, so they can go on to enjoy their date. Kate, the female passenger, gets out of surgery with memory loss but it all comes back eventually.

Viewers do not find out what happened to Derek and whether he is dead or just having an affair somewhere. While One Flight Down offered nothing, next week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy likely will.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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