The Vampire Diaries: I Could Never Love Like That [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

I Could Never Love Like That opened The Vampire Diaries in a cold, humanity-free way. Stefan and Caroline are wreaking havoc on the world, and doing it by playing a little game of scaring others to death. Caroline bets Stefan that she can do it, and convinces a bartender that he is having a heart attack. It seems like just another reason to get Candice Accola to sing, as she takes over the karaoke with a song the actress chose herself.

While Caroline sings, Stefan kills all those who do not enjoy her singing. That is when Matt and Tyler come in to try save people. When has that ever gone to plan on The Vampire Diaries? It just leads to the two of them getting tortured.

For Elena and Damon, it seems very different. It looks like they are enjoying breakfast with Lily, but something has to be going on. Damon quickly shatters the mood while trying to find out if Elena misses being human. Then there is the catch-up with Jo, when Elena finds out that she is pregnant. There is something Rosealie Cullen about this interaction, and Nina Dobrev definitely portrays the subtle jealousy well.

Meanwhile, Enzo has Sarah. For once, he is trying to keep her protected and takes her to the Salvatore mansion. This is where things really get complicated on The Vampire Diaries. Enzo knows Lily as the vampire who turned him. He gets Sarah away and finally tells her the whole messed up truth about her story. It is not exactly easy to follow, and Sarah quickly admits that she is completely lost.

Viewers see Enzo’s story through flashbacks. He was trying to board a ship for New York in 1903 when he was suffering from consumption. Lily helps to get him on and sees him as an angel. When the doctor on board turns out to be a fake, Lily turns Enzo and kills all but the doctor on board. Enzo is able to complete his transition, and starts life in New York as a new vampire.

Lily, meanwhile, tells Damon that she never came back for her sons. She wants to get her family back from the prison world. Damon does what Damon does best; he lies. He tells her that he will help her get her family back, if she gets Stefan to flip the switch again.

Back at The Grill, Tyler and Matt are taunted by Caroline. With Tyler struggling to control his anger on The Vampire Diaries, he accidentally stabs Matt and has to get him to the hospital before time runs out. Damon and Lily get there to work with Stefan, and Caroline makes a run for it. It all works in Damon’s favor. Stefan makes the flip with a speech all scripted by Damon, and now has to help Caroline turn on her humanity.

Elena gets to Matt to offer him blood, but he refuses it. In the end, Matt is saved through normal ways. That has to be a first for The Vampire Diaries. It is clear that Matt hates vampires, and it is more of a reason for Elena to hate what she has become. Is this the way Julie Plec is going to write out her character? There had to be a reason to bring the cure back.

Finally, Jo tells everyone all about the vampires in the prison world with Lily. They are not just any vampire, but witch-vampire hybrids. That will be interesting to learn how they became that. They were called the Heretics, and they are not allowed to come back. Of course, I Could Never Love Like That looks like it is setting up the Heretics to be the Big Bad in The Vampire Diaries season six.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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