Grey’s Anatomy: The Distance [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy started off a little boring and predictable with The Distance, but it certainly did not end that way. The beginning of the episode was as everyone expected; Amelia was getting ready to operate on Dr. Herman. Edward found her standing like a superhero, because apparently a study found that this pose—hands on hips and head to the ceiling—helps a person to feel more confident and relaxed. According to Shonda Rhimes, it is a genuine thing, too!

It seems to work at first, but then Amelia hits a wall. Everything could turn out drastic, but Richard Webber steps into the O.R. to give his sober buddy a pep talk. Amelia does not want the pep talk, though. In a slight twist on Grey’s Anatomy, she wants her big brother there. She tells him to get Derek to come home right now. Richard refuses, and tells her that she can do this. It is time for her to stop thinking he is better than her, because it is not the case. Amelia gets back into the O.R. and 13 hours later Edward passes out.

Meanwhile on Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona is not watching the surgery on her mentor. Instead, she is helping Bailey with a patient Glenda Castillo and her unborn baby. She does find out that Amelia was successful with Herman’s surgery, though, so there is a double celebration for her.

Most of the episode, The Distance, was a bit of a normal, unexciting episode of Grey’s Anatomy. However, there is a Calzona moment that many fans had been waiting for. Callie is there for Arizona as she fears that Herman may die, and there is nothing she can do about it. There were different ways to interpret that moment. For many who want to see them back together, it certainly looks like it could be a sign they can rekindle their romance. However, there is also the hint that this is as far as it will go. Callie and Arizona can be friends again.

With Edwards passed out, Meredith has to go in to assist Amelia. It makes sense since she once had an interest in neurology and was trained by Derek for a short time. This is when the rollercoaster ride comes in.

Amelia is fed up of working with the bulky gloves, so takes it off. She is risking her life by doing this, because of the radiation that Dr. Herman has received. Owen and everyone else starts to panic, but she goes along with it. Could it be a storyline for the future of Grey’s Anatomy?

With the surgery complete, Amelia gets out to take care of the building emotions inside of her. Edwards—now awake—is allowed to close Herman up and then wait for her to wake. It turns out that she had a stroke, and wakes up asking if Amelia is her mommy. As everyone panics that they have messed with her memory, Herman cracks a smile and tells them that she is joking. However, there is a major twist. She tells Arizona that she has completely lost her sight, and she is not joking about that one. Herman is the optimist and focusing on the fact that at least she is alive.

Amelia does not take the news too hard. She is happy that the surgery worked and she did not kill her patients. While Edwards starts to pity Herman, since she will never be able to operate again, Amelia reminds her that they defeated death today. The Distance was certainly a tame episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but a needed one to round up Herman’s storyline.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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