Grey’s Anatomy: I Feel the Earth Move [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

After the previous week’s tame episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the writers had to do something with I Feel the Earth Move. Considering season 11 was supposed to be all about Meredith, the last few episodes had left her out here and there. That was not the case for this week’s episode. It was back to her and everything she had done since Derek left.

She is on a streak. Since he left, she has completed 89 surgeries and has helped every single one of them. Meredith has not realized she is on this streak, though, and it is Jo who points it out to her. It looks like Meredith is finally looking after herself on Grey’s Anatomy, but Alex is suspicious and argues with her a lot about both of their relationships.

Meanwhile, Callie and Maggie are working together on an elderly woman who broke her hip during sex. She is willing to go through the risky five-hour surgery so she can get her sex life back, and the whole interaction with the woman speaks volumes for the two doctors. It turns out that Maggie turns down the offer of a date from radiologist Nathan because she is too scared about a gap when dating—the awkward moments. Callie tells her it is time to get over it, and Maggie finally says yes to Nathan.

Like Meredith, Ben and Bailey have been missing in Grey’s Anatomy lately, but I Feel the Earth Move takes care of that. The last time they were really seen together was during the episode with Curtis admitting that he was getting a sex change. Ben reacted with anger, and is still angry that he was lied to. Bailey suggests Ben calls his “sister,” and that leads to another argument. In the end he calls her and wants praise from his wife. Bailey soon tells him that it is nothing to be proud of, and Ben apologizes to her for the way he acted before. The big lesson this episode is to never get on Bailey’s bad side.

With all of that happening, it is difficult to think anything else can go on. Well, this is Grey’s Anatomy, and Amelia, Owen and Richard find themselves trying to find an 11-year-old girl through directions through a phone. They even give her directions through the phone to save her mom’s life with a s’more skewer and straw! When her mom’s lips go blue again, Owen has to give her CPR directions through the phone, and even sings Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees to give her a beat to help. Just as the girl’s cell phone dies, April confirms they have found her location.

Once the mom is in the hospital, Amelia performs her magic and saves her. Amelia and Owen then take their growing relationship a step forward in the on-call room of all places.

It all seems to be a happy episode of Grey’s Anatomy, until Meredith decides to call Derek. A woman answers his phone. Could Derek be having an affair? I Feel the Earth Move certainly left Grey’s Anatomy fans wondering if that was the case.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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