Grey’s Anatomy: When I Grow Up [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

It would not be Grey’s Anatomy without drama and When I Grow Up brought it. It all seemed to be blissful for Meredith with Derek back, but then it comes crashing down on her. All she wants is a day without death—it looks like being a surgeon is not the job for her if that is really what she wants.

In come the traumas for the day, and one of the cases involves three cops badly injured after a bank robbery. Pete and Brett die, and it turns out they were brothers. For one of the first times in Grey’s Anatomy, the storyline focuses on the grief of the family members in the hospital. Mrs. Gibson becomes a pivotal role in the episode.

The difficult part for the doctors is the organ donation question. It is too soon for Mrs. Gibson in the first place, but one of the requests is that the 15-year-old who shot the brothers is given one of the livers. Meredith does not want to make it harder for the woman, but Bailey wants to save lives. Mrs. Gibson does agree to the organ donation as a whole, but Meredith refuses to ask the question about donating it to a specific person.

It is Bailey who brings up the question, and Mrs. Gibson refuses. She cannot let her sons’ murderer get the liver.

Meredith is annoyed with Bailey, until she talks to another cop, Dan. It turns out that there was a connection between Brett and Jared, the 15-year-old. Brett was trying to help Jared turn his life around. Mrs. Gibson talks to Dan on When I Grow Up, and it ends up being a happy ending for Jared on Grey’s Anatomy. She agrees to the liver transplant.

There is some good news, too. Mrs. Gibson’s sons meant that 37 people went home to their families. They died as heroes, and that is the way the mother should remember them.

In other parts of Grey’s Anatomy, Derek comes back to work and takes on his role as no longer the Head of Neuro. It lets Amelia take over, but she is sure that he has something up his sleeve. He makes her more suspicious by being a good brother outside of the hospital. It seems that he just wants to work on his family and his relationships that mean the world to him.

Amelia opens up to him during the episode, saying that she is falling for Owen. The bad news is that she is scared; she fears that it will destroy her. Derek, the ever-caring big brother, tells her that love scares people and it seems like he is giving his blessing. The question is whether he really wants to be back in Seattle with his family, or whether he is trying to convince himself. Could the man really give up trying to be the best as a neurosurgeon without taking baby steps first? He has tried to do it before and failed, but it looks like When I Grow Up is his turning point on Grey’s Anatomy.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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