Grey’s Anatomy: With or Without You [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

With or Without You gave viewers the answers they had been looking for in last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. Did Derek have an affair and was he returning to leave Meredith? There was no definitive answer last week, but could Meredith trust him even if he said no?

The episode did get straight into it. Derek explained why a woman answered his phone, and it turns out that he left it in the lab when he was already going to the airport. His research fellow answered it for him. The question is why she hung up rather than explaining it to Meredith herself if it was so innocent. Meredith clearly is not buying any of it, and is saved by the page when she has to go back into work.

Grey’s Anatomy quickly gets into the medical drama with 17-year-old Danny, who is waiting for a liver transplant. He has another infection, and Karev wants to drain it to play safe. Meredith wants to opt for surgery to stop it occurring again, but Danny’s sister Kathy is not too sure. Karev knows that Meredith is throwing herself into work because of Derek, but she refuses to see it that way. The two doctors continue to argue all the way into the operating theater, and while on the table Danny gets worse and he dies. Meredith’s streak has come to an end, just as Derek has returned home.

The good news for Grey’s Anatomy fans is that Karev is really growing. He hugs Meredith and lets her blame him for the loss, despite being mad at Derek. He even points out that the death was not her fault. The friendship between the two has really blossomed this year.

In other parts of With or Without You, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Owen gets a visit from his mother; well, she has to go in after falling in the shower. He is surprised when John, a young fireman, is there with her and is not just a good Samaritan. He is her boyfriend. Owen thinks the worst when he realizes that he is only 35, and when he talks to his mom, she kicks him out of the room. Owen needs to do a lot of repair inside since Cristina leaving and needs to move on. Unfortunately for John and his mom, she thinks about what he said and breaks up with her boyfriend.

When his mom is rushed into surgery, Owen gets a chance to talk to John and realizes that he is not the bad guy. He loves the woman, and now needs to fix the relationship he broke up. He also needs to fix things with Amelia.

For the Grey’s Anatomy fans who wanted to see Derek’s side of the story, there were flashbacks of his time in D.C. throughout. At first, the interest was certainly just over research, but that bond did grow. The day of the call they broke through their research and his fellow kisses him. Derek does the right thing and ends whatever their relationship has become and leaves. So it explains why the woman never told Meredith anything. When Meredith gets home, Derek confesses his love for her. Meredith even tells him that she figured out a way to live without him, but knows that she does not want to do that. With or Without You looks like it may be a happy ending for Meredith and Derek after all on Grey’s Anatomy.

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