Hillary Clinton’s Run for the White House [Video]


Hillary Clinton has finally announced her run for the White House. People have been glued to her Twitter page since just before noon (EST) and her announcement came at 3:10pm, in the form of a video. No one is surprised by her announcement, as it has been her goal for quite some time and she has not kept that goal a secret. She has been the Secretary of State, a New York Senator, and a First Lady; therefore, she certainly knows her way around the White House, as well as Congress.

Before Clinton launched her video, John Podesta (Clintons campaign advisor) sent emails to her campaign alumni, as well as to donors saying, “I wanted to make sure you heard it first from me – it’s official: Hillary’s running for president.” There has been a lot of speculation about how she was going to announce her run for the presidency, but those speculators will be disappointed.

Clinton’s long awaited, quiet video launch into her presidential campaign is just the beginning. She plans to run a “small” campaign. She will not have big rallies, instead, she will have smaller, more intimate events. She wants to soften her celebrity image and have the opportunity to interact with voters in a more individual capacity.

Clinton is planning to hit the road with her campaign next week. Her first visit will likely be Iowa, as it is an early voting state (although that had not been confirmed.) Iowa would be significantly symbolic, to her as it was her loss to Obama at the Iowa 2008 caucuses that started her on the road to defeat. Going to Iowa first would be a sign that she will take nothing for granted.

Clinton, 67, has been a political fixture to the American public for decades. She has been Arkansas’ First Lady, then she was the First Lady of the United States. In 2000, she ran, and won the New York Senate seat before she ran for President in 2008. Following this, she joined Obama’s cabinet as secretary of state in 2009.

Concerning most domestic policies, Clinton has primarily agreed with the Obama’s administration. She has accepted proposals to radically change the tax code, she has defended the Affordable Care Act against constant GOP attacks, and she has backed Obama’s reformation of the immigration system. She has also commended the plan to expand pre-K and reduce college costs.

However, when it comes to foreign policy, she has been more aggressive than most Democrats would be. She agreed to the 2003 invasion of Iraq; however, Clinton now admits that this was not a wise decision. As Secretary of State, she successfully pushed for U.S. military action against Libyan dictator Moammar Ghadafi, and she was unsuccessful when it came to arming Syrian rebels against Bashar Assad. She had also been credited with organizing the international encouragement of sanctions against Iran. This action started the groundwork for the negotiations with Iran over their nuclear energy efforts.

In 1994, at a conference in Beijing, Clinton made her famous affirmation that “women’s rights are human rights.” Following this, she birthed the Office of Global Women’s Issues, at the State Department. In her 2008 presidential campaign, she did not talk much about her gender or her political history. She has also shown plans for a concerted endeavor to raise women’s issues in this 2016 campaign for the White House.

Since leaving the administration in 2013, Clinton has written her memoir, Hard Choices, done a book tour and Has been a paid speaker. Last year, Chelsea had a daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, and made her a grandmother. This refocused her priorities politically. You should not have to be related to a politician to get the healthcare, enrichment, education and advantages that makes people successful. Everyone should have the same shot that Hillary’s granddaughter will have in life.

Clinton is a Democratic favorite, with much scrutiny surrounding her. The architecture of her campaign first starts with the right people in the right positions; Democratic strategist Robby Mook is going to be managing her campaign, Podesta, will take the role as campaign chairman, and Huma Abedin will be a senior advisor. Obama’s pollster in 2008, Joel Benenson will be working the campaign as well. Clinton’s headquarters are two floors of an office building in Brooklyn.

Clinton has the benefit of Liberal groups backing her, such as a grassroots group named Ready for Hillary, which has raised (so far) millions of dollars and is not stopping there. They want Clinton’s message truly amplified. She also has the support of Priorities USA, which supported Obama in 2008. She has also received backing from President Obama, who believes she would make a great president. Also, a group named Correct the Record will be an independent rapid-response group that will be doing fact-checking, as well as disproving attacks from her adversaries.

Clinton’s online video announcing her run for the White House shows her desire to strengthen economic security, as well as expand opportunities for working families. She states in her video “Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.”

By Jeanette Smith



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