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Sunday, April 12, Hillary Rodman Clinton will make her announcement she is running for President via social media. The former Secretary of State, Senator, has had indecisive rumors about whether or not she was going to run a second time around. Many reasons could have changed the Democrat’s mind to try again.

Sources have announced that Clinton will release a video clip on Sunday and attend two important early-primary states next week. The video has already been recorded and is ready to be revealed. While Clinton has been acting bashful for a month, her support team has been putting the final touches on the preparations for her second run for the White House.

There has been lots of hype of how Clinton will announce her run, yet there is not a clear reason as to why she has decided to finally run. The only conclusion many sources have been able to come up with is stated in her memoir, Hard Choices, which suggests her grandmother entitlement has inspired her to pursue the run, so children of the 21st century are able to accomplish whatever dreams they choose.

Clinton is taking a different step to promote her campaign from other candidates. While Republicans and other Democrats are headed for the big cities to get the majority vote, Clinton will be found going really small having one-on-one meetings with voters, and taking on the digital realm of the nation. Her goal is to gain a closer connection to her supporters and voters. The video announcing her run is the beginning of what is left to surface onto social media sites throughout the senator’s entire campaign. She and her campaigners decided to take this aspect, to address the previous lack of votes she obtain during the 2008 election. According to Washington Post the former Secretary of State’s campaigners believe the approach will allow voters to get a taste of Clinton’s personality, and a better understanding of her objectives if she becomes President.

Prior to the previous First Lady announcing she is going to run for President, she was found in a lot of questionable circumstances. Where many voters believed she is just in it for the money, since she and her husband Bill Clinton have accumulated a circle of wealthy donors. Voters and supporters fear she has become too wealthy, and has forgotten about the needs of the poor and middle class. However; Huffington Post has clarified any misperceptions, stating that the Democrat is committed to equal opportunity and upward mobility for the middle and lower class.

The Senator’s reason to run for President lays with her wanting to see the positive change that America needs in the office, to continue to get out of the unemployment bind, dollar inconsistency, healthcare debates, religious disagreements between the government and citizens, and global environmental affairs. Lots of topics have fallen to the wayside and it is time to reestablish solutions to many things that will benefit America’s future.

Another of Clinton’s reasons to run for President is to provide a better future for the youth. In addition to this, she wishes to set stepping-stones to continue to rebuild America up to become a greater nation with a stable society for all classes of people.

By Krystle Mitchell


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