HTC One M9 New Ad Mentions Samsung and Apple iOS [Video]

HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 new advertisement has just come out and it mentions Samsung and Apple’s platform iOS. HTC’s previous ads were about Hipster Carwash as well as Robert Downey Jr. short clips. This time, it is a parody of medical product commercials. With a bogus drug called Cellami, the ad said one can cure his “bi-phonal displeasure disorder,” one that results from being not contented with the mobile devices of Samsung or Apple.

According to the new HTC ad, bi-phonal displeasure disorder is a result of SAD and iOS – “Samsung Effective Disorder” and “Irritable Operating System,” respectively. Just like any drug, the Cellami has possible side effects, such as “pinched zoom and only plastic discharges.” For those taking HTC One M9, they do not need Cellami at all, as they have the “best phone.”

The commercial mocks typical complications just like other drugs have. It includes “thoughts of anger, frustration, or even thoughts of ‘cellucide’,” plus, warnings for those who should not take the drug, such as people aged 42 to 44, pregnant or someone who knows a pregnant woman. The drug cannot be taken in the dark, and only be taken as a suppository.

Hence, for those unsatisfied with their current smartphone, should consult their doctor about Cellami, or get a new HTC One M9 phone. The video tries to be funny, but according to HotHardWare, it “misses the mark.” Worst, it can be offensive to depression and mental disorder patients. The HTC One M9 ad not only mentions Samsung and Apple’s iOS, but also includes suicide jokes.

Robert Downey Jr. was featured in HTC’s commercial in 2013, starred in the recent M9 project series of short stories, narrated and even helped write an HTC advertisement. People who have watched the ad may see HTC as insensitive, but ad parodies are everywhere and HTC is not the first to parody drug commercials. Furthermore, it is not the only smartphone maker who have produced weird commercials.

The latest HTC commercial features a young man who is living a miserable and sad life, as he attempts to try Samsung and Apple. Both have left him depressed, and perhaps to the point of getting into “cellucide.”

The Taiwanese smartphone maker’s new flagship phone is HTC One M9 which was introduced in March and has hit stores on April 10. It sports an all-metal unibody with dual finish and scratch resistance. It comes in dual-tone silver and gunmetal grey colors. It runs Android 5.0.02 and the new HTC Sense 7. Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor from Qualcomm powers the handset.

HTC One M9 comes with a 20 MP rear camera which cover is of sapphire lens, 13MP for selfie shooter and some editing effects. The flagship retains its microSD slot and increases the capacity to 2TB. With a Dolby Audio and HTC BoomSound, the smartphone can give a surround-sound experience.

The HTC One M9 new ad which mentions Samsung and Apple’s iOS, lasts for a minute and 19 seconds. So far, this most recent commercial has gained more dislikes than likes in YouTube.

By Judith Aparri

PC Mag

Photo courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns – Creativecommons Flickr License

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