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iPad Air 2
Although there is a lot of competition in the market, Apple’s iPad is no doubt the one which is bought in large quantities throughout the world, irrespective of the local electronics market. In 2013, Apple launched iPad Air which is much thinner than the previous version of iPad Mini and took the market by storm. However, the ever-changing landscape of electronics and communication drove Apple to launch another upgraded version of the iPad Air in 2014, which is called iPad Air 2. This article will explore the key differences between these two devices to help the prospective buyers.

The first thing which attracts a buyer is the color and shape of the device. Silver, Gold and Space Grey are the color options of iPad Air 2, whereas the iPad Air does not have the option of Gold. In terms of shape, both the iPads are pretty much the same with thin, light and sleek body. However, to the human eye it looks almost the same, but in reality Air 2 is 18 percent thinner than its predecessor. This functionality of the Air 2 is really amazing and it makes this tablet the thinnest one in the market.

The screen resolution is the same at 264 pixels per inch with an IGZO display but the RAM is 2GB in case of iPad Air 2 and 1GB in iPad Air. The storage capacity feature gives the original iPad Air a few more points than the iPad Air 2. Air 2 comes out in capacities of 16GB, 128GB and 64GB, whereas the original iPad has an extra option of 32GB to buy out. Customers looking for more storage capacity need not think much as the successor of original iPad does give a lot of storage space.

Air 2 is packed with a 64 bit A8 processor but the original iPad has A7 processors. So, the processing power is definitely more in the upgraded version. As the upgraded version is much thinner than the original one, Air 2 weighs 32 grams less than its predecessor.

It is time to reveal the most attractive feature of the iPad Air 2. The Touch ID or the fingerprint sensor allows the iPad Air 2 users to log into its device with just a finger touch. The age-old way of button and switches have been upgraded to only touch ID like it is done in iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. In addition to the Touch ID feature, the iOS 8 Operating System allows the customers to log into its applications and also pay through Apple Pay option.

Another aspect where the upgraded version got a boost is the camera capability, especially the rear camera. The Air 2 device has a rear camera of 8 Megapixel which can take 1080p HD videos, whereas the previous iPad has a rear camera of only 5 Megapixel. Also, due to the processor of A8X chip, the upgraded iPad has some extra functionality of video editing and a feature of time-lapse. The connectivity performance of the upgraded iPad is also better due to the Multiple-input and Multiple-output capability.

Last but not least, price is a very crucial aspect of buying a device. The 16GB iPad Air 2 costs $744 and the 16GB original iPad costs $595. The 128GB model costs $938 and $789 for the Air 2 and the original iPad device respectively. Keeping the features and the prices in context, it will be a tough one to decide which one to buy.

Review By Sunando Basu

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