Jessica Simpson Girl Behind the Brand

Jessica Simpson

Most people in their early to mid-thirties are familiar with the name Jessica Simpson. Depending on how they were introduced to her, they may remember her days with Nick Lachey, her cute, innocent face singing really mushy love songs, or her stint as a representative of Weight Watchers. No matter how you recognize or associate the name, “Jessica Simpson,” she is still a person, a girl behind the brand.

As a young girl in Texas, Simpson’s vocals were heard mostly from the pews at the church where she sang in the choir. With her eyes set on fame and sharing her talent with the world, she auditioned for a position at the clubhouse, Mickey Mouse’s. When that door did not open for her, she returned to religious singing, and continued to promote herself.

After being signed with Sony records, she released her first two albums, neither of which topped any billboard charts. Despite mediocre success with her music she continued on. She met the love of her life, Nick Lachey, and after marrying him, began to star on her first reality television show. The success of the show made Simpson a household name, and gave her a spot on the map.

On the heels of that success, she took on other acting roles, some not so successful. Her music career seemed to kind of halt and she pursued a passion for the fashion industry; sparking her entrepreneurial side. With this, Jessica Simpson found her niche, and the girl behind the brand began to see unprecedented success as her fashion line began to take off.

As Simpson found success in the business world, her personal life also began to flourish. She began a new relationship with Eric Johnson, and within two years, became a newlywed and welcomed two beautiful babies, Maxwell and Ace. It appeared she had found success in all aspects of her life.

As in all stories and the realities of life, there were some aspects that proved a struggle or hardship for Simpson. She signed with Weight Watchers, amid the barrage of comments and snubs in regards to the changes in her weight. While some were negative about her weight, it proved to be a game changer in the fashion world for her brand. More women the world over found Simpson a lot like them; searching for beauty in the not so perfect bodies they had, and finding clothes that complemented their shapes.

Armed with that in mind, Simpson forced her brand to symbolize real women and go against the norms of the fashion industry. Because she represents so many women around the world both inside and outside of her business, her brand has topped the charts. Today, it pulls in over a billion dollars in revenue per year.

Although Simpson has had some hardships and unsuccessful ventures in her career, she never let it stop her. She continued in her pursuit of passion and success, and her true demeanor shined through. Jessica Simpson fulfills many roles: actress, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and singer; through it all, she is just a simple girl, who believes in her brand and stands firm behind it.

By: Tonia D. Benas




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