Jimmy Fallon and Ricky Gervais Make Faces: ‘Tonight Show Funny Face-Offs’

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show this Friday, April 3, host Jimmy Fallon had on as his guests actor and comedian, Ricky Gervais, from the Netflix TV series, Derek, and also Jordana Brewster from Furious 7. Jimmy Fallon and Ricky Gervais did a segment called Tonight Show Funny Face-Off later in the episode. The musical guest was Elle King, and musician Boz Scaggs at in with the house band, The Roots. Another highlight of the episode was when Jimmy Fallon did his weekly “Thank You Notes,” comedy bit.

Jimmy Fallon walked onto the stage, to a standing ovation. He talked about what a “hot crowd” his studio audience was tonight, and then he began his monologue. One of the topics he joked about was Iran agreeing to reduce its nuclear weapons program. Fallon said that Iran said “Just for Lent — we start over again on Monday.”

Jimmy Fallon mentioned that Jeb Bush’s approval rating had gone down to just 24 percent in Florida. Fallon said “You know that ‘Footprints in the Sand’ poem? Jesus said he had to put down Pope Francis for a minute,” because he had been eating too much pasta and pizza lately.

Fallon then joked about smartphones, and weird local news stories. He did a segment called “Local News Roulette.” He had the computer generate supposed random words and then showed news clips. Teletubby, Break-In, Chinese food, were some examples. A clip said that someone dressed up as a Teletubby broke into someone’s house and stole their Chinese food.

“The exercise that you do can actually have an impact on how smart you are,” Fallon said. “On the other hand –” he then showed a clip of people having clumsy accidents while exercising, like falling as they tried to use their treadmills.

The Roots played Jimmy Fallon to his desk. Then, he said on the cover of one of Boz Scaggs’ albums, he looked a lot like Fallon. Jimmy Fallon then said Ricky Gervais will be on the show, and he and Ricky will be making faces to try to look like ones in photos that had been sent in. Jordana Berwster was another guest, and he said the show’s musical guest would be Elle King.

Then, Fallon and announcer, Steve Higgins, talked about their plans for Easter. Host Jimmy Fallon said “Today’s Friday.” He said that he sent out thank you notes on Fridays, and what follows are some of the examples he mentioned. “Thank You, Easter, or as Jesus called it, April Fool’s Day. Thank you, NBC’s upcoming live musical, The Wiz, for not being sponsored by Flomax. Thank you, V8, for being a Bloody Mary that went to AA. Thank you, Cadbury Creme Eggs. You had me at chocolate eggs, and lost me at biologically correct cream fillings. Thank you, Leopard Print dresses, for always being worn by Cougars.” Then, the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.

When the Tonight Show came back on, host Jimmy Fallon introduced Ricky Gervais, whose hit Netflix series, Derek, is drawing to an end for the season. “You look great! Maybe a little bit flue-y,” Fallon said.

“I’m on drugs, but not as much as them,” Ricky said, referring to the studio audience.

“I thought of you last week,” Ricky said. “No, no — I did. Last week, me and my girlfriend were invited to the American Ambassador’s house for dinner. Mid-80s, when I met my girlfriend Jane Fallon…” he talked about how she might be distantly related to Jimmy Fallon.

Ricky Gervais talked about getting very drunk, the he said “For the next 20 minutes, I sang Right By Your Side by the Eurythmics. In the middle of the night, I walked around the bed once, and start whizzing on the bed. She has had the upper hand for 30 years because of that.”

Ricky told someone at the Ambassador’s party about the incident. His girlfriend, horrified, said “You didn’t tell her it was an accident!”

Then, Fallon asked Ricky about going to the White House with Ben Stiller. Gervais said he went there in black pajamas because he did not have anything else to wear. He mentioned that maybe people there thought it was “the latest trendy London thing.”

Ricky and Jimmy Fallon talked about the TV series, Derek, and about another project Gervais has coming up, involving faking war correspondence. After that, Fallon showed a clip from Derek. Ricky sang a messed-up song in the clip, but it was pretty funny.

Then, it was time for “Tonight Show Funny Face-Offs.” They saw faces that kids made, and then tried to recreate them. Ricky Gervais went first, but he said “It isn’t fair! I’ve got a beard, and you have a big pudgy face!”

Ricky tried, but Fallon’s attempt was better with the face he tried. Ricky went next, trying to copy a young girl’s “funny face.” He did better this time, but when Jimmy Fallon tried imitating a young boy’s funny face, it looked much better. Then, both Ricky and Fallon tried to do the “funny face” of another young girl.

“I like the way it takes over her whole body, kind of slowly,” Ricky said. They both tried to make their faces look like hers, but the girl’s face still looked funnier. After that, the Tonight Show headed to yet more commercials.

Jimmy Fallon

After the Tonight Show came back on, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the second guest of the episode, Jordana Brewster. He said that she stars in Furious 7.

“I sound like Vin, basically,” she said. “I have spent so much time talking about the movie, I lost my voice.” Jimmy Fallon asked Jordana if she would like to do one of the funny faces. She agreed to, and she looked funny as she tried, sticking out her tongue and contorting her face.

Jimmy Fallon said he loved his family, but felt like he was neglecting his dog. Jordana said that her dog had “put on ten pounds,” since she had her baby. Her dog would eat scraps of food her baby dropped on the floor. Jordana brought Fallon a giant Cadbury egg. She said that there was sometimes toys or more candy inside of the eggs. Fallon opened it up, and there was another package of candy inside of it. “This is the worse candy ever,” Fallon said, wanting to spit it out.

He asked her about Furious 7, with a bit of chocolate looking as if it was blacking out a couple of his front teeth. “It’s the biggest one yet,” Fallon said. “It’s tracking to make over $100 million this weekend!” He then showed a clip from the movie. It will probably be a huge blockbuster, much like the last one in the franchise was.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced the show’s musical guest, Elle King, when the Tonight Show came back from a commercial break. He said that Madonna will be on the show next Thursday. Elle King performed a song from off of Love Stuff, her latest album. Elle has a cool, raspy but sexy sort of singing voice, and the song she sang sounded great. “One, two three, they’re gonna run back to me,” was one of the lines of the song. After she finished singing, the audience applauded and Fallon went over to shake her hand and he showed the front of her latest album, which is on sale now.

The Tonight Show this Friday was entertaining from the start to the end. Jimmy Fallon’s guests, Ricky Gervais and Jordana Brewster, told interesting and sometimes funny anecdotes, and Ricky talked about the Netflix series, Derek, ending. He and Jimmy Fallon played Tonight Show Funny Face-Offs and he and Jordana talked about her movie, Furious 7. The episode concluded with e wonderful performance by musical artist, Elle King.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Ricky Gervais Make Faces: Tonight Show Funny Face-Offs Video

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