Jimmy Fallon Marks Return With Guests LL Cool J and Rose Byrne

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show this Monday, host Jimmy Fallon was back with a new show, and his guests were LL Cool J, the host of Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV, and actress Rose Byrne, from Adult Beginners. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was Big Sean, and Jimmy Fallon, LL Cool J, and Rose Byrne all played a game of Pictionary later in the episode.

Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, began the show by walking onto the stage to a standing ovation. He talked about how “hot” the studio audience was, and then he did his monologue. Fallon joked about today being “420, or as Domino’s Pizza calls it, Black Friday.” He also joked about how President Obama said that “climate change can no longer be denied or ignored.” He said that Senator Cruz said “No, but it can be denied and ignored.”

Jimmy Fallon said that “Tim Tebow will officially sign a contract with the Eagles. It was pretty shocking, because I didn’t know that Tim Tebow played an instrument.”

Fallon talked about a new teaser trailer the leaked for the Star Wars upcoming movie. “And so did most Star Wars fans,” Fallon said. Then, he showed a clip about a new reef exhibit, that sort of got out of hand…or, in a woman’s hand, so to speak.

The house band, The Roots, played Jimmy Fallon to his desk. He mentioned some upcoming guests, and said that tonight, from NCIS: Los Angeles and the host of the Lip Sync Battle, LL Cool J, will be on. Also, from Adult Beginners, actress Rose Byrne, and the musical guest, Fallon said, will be Big Sean.

After that, Jimmy Fallon did a comedy bit called his “Do Not Play List.” He said every song and musical artist he will play are absolutely real. One of the bands was Maroon, and the album was I Ain’t Runnin’ for Pope.

Fallon showed an album from the band The Glass Family. The album was called Crazy, and he played a messed-up song from it called Interlude.The last one was from a singer called John Kincade. He played the track Love Hurts Like a Lover. It was quite repetitive.

After a commercial break, host Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the night, LL Cool J. “How many jobs do you have right now?” Fallon asked him.

“I have quite a few jobs right now,” he replied.

“Do you remember what your first job was?” Fallon asked him.

“Yes, I was a paperboy for $2.25 an hour,” he replied.

“Do you remember the first time that you ever rapped in public?” Fallon asked.

“Yeah, I was in the basement of a church. I was rappin’ my heart out, and this girl said ‘You can’t rap!'” LL Cool J said.

He told Fallon that now that he has been on NCIS, a whole new age group knows him, like old ladies in Ohio. Fallon played a video of a little girl singing parts of LL Cool J’s hit, Going Back to Cali.

Then, Jimmy Fallon talked with LL Cool J about NCIS: Los Angeles. “We’re going to Russia,” LL Cool J told him. “On May 18.”

They also talked about Lip Sync Battle, which this week will feature Mike Tyson performing Push It by Salt-N-Pepa, going up against actor Terry Crews. Fallon showed a clip, and from the looks of it, Tyson certainly gets energetic when he dances.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned from a break, Fallon played Pictionary and Big Sean was his partner. LL Cool J’s partner was the actress, Rose Byrne. LL Cool J said “I cannot draw at all. I just want to get that out there.”

Rose Byrne went first. She drew a “Teaspoon.” LL Cool J first said “Spoon,” then he eventually said “Teaspoon.”

Jimmy Fallon then tried to draw a phrase, “When Pigs Fly.” Big Sean got it right, impressing LL Cool J.

LL Cool J then attempted to draw an object, namely “Tattoo.” Rose thought he was drawing a part of the male anatomy, and did not figure out what he was trying to draw.

Big Sean took a turn trying to draw an object, a “Treehouse.” Jimmy Fallon nailed it, answering fairly quickly.

“Whoever gets this, wins the game,” Jimmy Fallon said. Both Rose and Big Sean drew at the same time. They drew “Arm Wrestle.” Jimmy Fallon answered correctly first, so he and Big Sean won the game of Pictionary.

Jimmy Fallon

“You are really good at Pictionary!” Jimmy Fallon told Rose Byrne after he introduced her and she took a seat. Jimmy Fallon asked her about her boyfriend, and she said that they were in Australia, and heard a kookaburra. She imitated the sound that the bird makes, a pretty loud, raucous noise. Her boyfriend wondered what that noise was, and she told him it was a kookaburra.

Then, Fallon and Rose Bryne talked about Adult Beginners. She said “It’s really sweet, and really, really funny.” Jimmy Fallon showed a clip from the movie, and it looks like it will be a pretty funny flick.

Jimmy Fallon

After still more commercials, when the Tonight Show came back on, host Jimmy Fallon introduced his musical guest, Big Sean. Big Sean performed a song off of his latest hit album, Dark Sky Paradise, called One Man Can Change the World. He dedicated the song to his grandmother, who was a policewoman, and who sadly passed away. It was a tender, sweet song, with some great rapping in it. It is no wonder that Big Sean’s album debuted at Number One on the Billboard Top 200 chart when it first came out.

The Tonight Show this Monday, April 20, marked a terrific return of host, Jimmy Fallon. It was an entertaining episode, in which Fallon interviewed his guests, LL Cool J and actress Rose Byrne. The game of Pictionary that he played with them and his musical guest, Big Sean, was pretty funny, also. It was good to see a new episode of the Tonight Show after a week of repeats, last week.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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