Bobby Brown Fakes It to Make It

Bobby Brown
During a Frankie Beverly concert on Saturday, April 18 at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas, Bobby Brown, 46, took the stage only to leave his fans in the audience in shock after he announced that his daughter has awakened and is successfully taking the steps towards her recovery. Brown’s sister, Tina Brown, confirmed his announcement by posting on Facebook that her brother’s one and only daughter was no longer on life support, that God had answered their prayers, and that everything was going to be just fine, but then deleted her post soon after.

All the confusion that has erupted surrounding Bobbi Kristina’s current condition is a direct result of Brown’s announcement, which was full of great, hopeful news, but is now being overshadowed by unclear and inconclusive reports regarding her physical and mental state. By the look of things, Brown is faking the progress of his daughter’s health to be able to make it through this sensitive time in his life.

There were so many questions being asked and comments being made concerning Bobbi Kristina, the R&B singer was asked to clarify the comments he made on stage Saturday evening regarding his daughter’s health. For the last two and half months, Bobbi Kristina, 22, has been in a medically induced coma, which came after she was found on January 31, face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub inside her Georgia home. Doctors did make one attempt to bring the young woman out of her coma in order for them to assess whether or not there had been any progress in her health, but the seizures she began to suffer from immediately after forced them to return her back to her medically induced state.

Since his daughter’s hospitalization, Brown left his daughter’s side to make his first public appearance at the Los Angeles Soul Food Festival that took place April 11. While he was there, he performed a few of his hit songs for an excited crowd of about 4,000 people. Reports indicated that after his first number, Brown was already looking very worn out. Making eye contact with the audience, there was a moment that Brown opened up and shared with them how good it felt being back on stage after spending a number of weeks praying alongside his beloved daughter, which was a moment he did not have to fake. He revealed that, at this point in time, he has no idea what it is that he is exactly going through in his life. However, he has decided to give it all up to God and allow him to decide what will become of this unfortunate as well as extremely difficult tragedy that has occurred.

Throughout that day, he made a few attempts at lightening the mood by cracking a few jokes as well as reminding everyone to have a good time and enjoy the day. Judging by his demeanor, some could argue that he was really telling himself to let loose, have a good time, and to remember that enjoying himself did not mean that he loved his daughter any less.

On Monday, the singer’s current wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, made a statement via their lawyer clarifying her husband’s announcement by saying he was in a very emotional state of mind when he made the comments. She continued to say that Brown was only attempting to correct the many negative remarks directed towards him by members of his family as well as the pubic regarding the subject of his daughter’s health. The claims he made about Bobbi Kristina awakening and prayers being answered originated from all his enthusiasm about the progress that his daughter has made ever since her hospitalization in January 2015.

As of today, Brown’s wife reported that Bobbi Kristina has made it out of ICU, her eyes have opened up, and rehabilitation has begun. Doctors have indicated that the potential for Bobbi Kristina to live a long life is great. However, the quality of that life is unknown and will remain unclear for many years to come. It appears that Brown’s positive comments and claims of his daughter’s much improved health, which he continues to be making, seemed to suggest that the only way he is dealing and maintaining during this ordeal is through faking it. Aside from the consistent prayer for her health to improve, attempting to speak it into existence is the only thing Brown seems able to deal at this time.

By Kameron Hadley

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