Jimmy Fallon Sings Protest Song Along With Russell Crowe

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show this Wednesday was terrific, with host Jimmy Fallon interviewing his guests, actor Russell Crowe, from the movie The Water Diviner, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Fallon even played the guitar along with Crowe, and got him to sing a BP protest song with him, about the oil spill that happened in the Gulf of Mexico. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was the country musician, Kenny Chesney.

Jimmy Fallon welcomed his studio audience, then he did his monologue. “We have New Jersey Governor Chris Christie! He’s a little late to the show, because people kept stopping him to wish him a Happy Earth Day.” Then, Fallon joked about a brothel supporting Hillary Clinton, calling themselves ‘Hookers for Hillary.'”

Fallon said “It seems like everybody is entering the race. The rapper, Wocka Wocka Flame, tweeted that he is entering the race.”

He then talked about the news that critics think that Dr. Oz should not be giving out medical advice on his show, and Fallon asked members of The Roots about their first date. James Posey played the keyboards, and was getting sort of elaborate with his description, until Fallon cut him off.

“Finally, I’d like to say a belated Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth. She spent it like she spends every birthday, laughing at Prince Charles.”

“Tomorrow night, Chris Evans, Captain America himself, will be on, and the guys from Monty Python! Tonight’s guests will be Russell Crowe and Governor Chris Christie! We also have great music from Kenny Chesney.”

Jimmy Fallon then mentioned an app he developed, for a game called Tedsy, about a teddy bear who collects feathers for his pillow. It is free to download.

“It’s time for another edition of ‘Obama Expressions.'” Jimmy Fallon said. He showed photos of President Obama, and then he made up what Obama was thinking when he had the expressions on his face. It was pretty cool, but it was a very visual bit, that had to be seen to be appreciated fully.

After a break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, actor Russell Crowe, who is starring in the movie, The Water Diviner. Crowe brought Fallon and The Roots baseball caps to wear. In Australia, the baseball team Crowe played on won. The actor even threw some caps out into the audience.

“Meanwhile, on with the show!” Crowe said. Crowe talked about some of the things he loved about New York City, but he said he had “also been arrested in America.”

Jimmy Fallon asked Crowe about when he first became famous and recognized. It was after the movie, The Gladiator, came out. He talked with Fallon about the 1980s, when people were fashion-conscious, and he had the use of a BMW. He got out of the BMW at a car wash, as it was in Drive. He got back in, put it in Park, and he said the first of the rollers hit him. He told Fallon he jumped right back into the car to ride out the car wash.

Then, Jimmy Fallon asked Crowe about The Water Diviner. In the movie, he plays a water diviner called Joshua. His sons die in WWII, and soon after, his wife also dies.

“It was your first time directing! Are you very difficult to direct?” Fallon asked.

“I did something I’ve never done before,” Crowe replied. “I slept with the director.” Jimmy Fallon then played a great clip from the movie, one in which Crowe and his two sons are caught out in a massive sand storm. The special effects looked pretty amazing.

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon told Russell Crowe that he had written a protest song when BP had a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Fallon played his guitar and sang about swimming in the Gulf of Mexico “and getting tar balls in my mouth.”

Crowe said he was feeling the song, and he then got out his own guitar. Crowe sang a bit more of the song. The lines he sang were for an adult audience — he left out the word “tar.” Both Crowe and Fallon took their guitars and went up and down the aisles singing.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned from yet another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, a frequent guest on the show, despite host Jimmy Fallon often joking about him.

“Thanks for coming on the show!” Fallon told him.

“Oh, sure! I feel like I’m on the show every night, with the jokes you do about me,” he said.

“You look great tonight,” Fallon said.

“If I look so great, why do you keep doing jokes about me?” Christie quipped.

Governor Christie talked with Jimmy Fallon about his Town Hall Tour, travelling to various town halls and holding community meetings. Then, Jimmy Fallon had Christie try out the new Ben & Jerry’s flavor of ice cream, named after the Tonight Show. Christie tried it and called it “The best ice cream ever!”

Fallon asked Christie when he was going to announce that he might be running in the Presidential election. Christie said he would announce if he was running possibly in May or June. Fallon said he wanted to see Christie “Hulk Out.”

Christie said “I’m tough when I have to be. I hate it when politicians are too much like programmed robots. If they like what I say, great; if they don’t, I can always get another job.” Christie added that his daughter, in college, watches the show every night, and she said “Whatever you do, don’t eat anything on the show.” Oh, well…some things are a bit too good to resist.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest of the show, country musician, Kenny Chesney. Chesney, who Fallon said has “Twenty-six Number One songs,” sang Wild Child from his latest album, The Big Revival. Chesney had a baseball cap on his head as he sang but not one that Crowe had handed out earlier in the show. Wild Child sounded like a wonderful song, and Chesney received enthusiastic applause from the audience as he finished singing.

The Tonight Show had a great line-up of guests tonight, with host Jimmy Fallon interviewing the likes of actor Russell Crowe and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Fallon even sang a protest song with Crowe, about the BP oil spill. Then, the country musician, Kenny Chesney, sang Wild Child, his latest hit song.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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