Twitter Makes Attempt to Stop Trolling

Twitter is making every attempt to stop the abuse of trolls. The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, says that his goal is to make sure that these abusive people are not being heard. He wants to put an end to their abuse of other users once and for all. He had made mention of his plan back in January and seems to be attempting to keep his promise. The company has updated its abuse and privacy policies to make it more difficult for these trolls to find their way onto Twitter and harass their fellow users.

The company has broadened its definition of violent threats, so that people are protected at a higher level from tweets that are violent in nature and even threats that are indirect. A tool that flags abusive tweets has also been created. The company seems to really view this situation as a priority and are making the best attempt to rectify the situation using as many resources as possible, according to Wired. Twitter is also obtaining additional staff to better monitor and regulate the situation.

The one issue that remains is the issue of freedom of speech and how stricter regulations could potentially violate this if the executives are not mindful. An article for V3 added that the company wants the site to be a place where individuals can express themselves and their creativity. The site was intended to be somewhere that people of diverse backgrounds and different viewpoints could go to express themselves. The goal is not to silence individuals or alienate them, but rather to keep everyone safe and free from potential trolls.

Twitter has made note of the fact that harassment has been an issue and they did not respond to these threats and abuse as quickly as they should have. Executives have admitted that this is inexcusable and they want to move past that and act in a faster and more appropriate manner. The company wants to do a better overall job of stopping these attacks without hindering the right to freedom of speech. Twitter views the trolling as something that must be stopped, but protecting the rights and freedoms of users is important as well.

Unfortunately, trolling has become a major issue that many companies face. Information Society said that this situation plagues social media sites and many of these sites are unsure how to deal with this issue. Twitter is stepping up to the plate and considering the huge emphasis they place on the right to freedom of speech, they do not want people to be afraid to speak their minds because of bullies and attackers. The new boost in security is said to allow the company to deal with five times the amount of problems than they could before.

Providing a safe environment for users is at the top of the list for Twitter executives and though there is no simple solution to this issue, every attempt is being made to prevent these issues in the future. It is clear to them that they have made mistakes and did not take things as seriously as they should have, but they are trying to ensure a better and safer outcome without alienating any users unnecessarily. Twitter wants to stop trolling in its tracks and protect its users as efficiently as possible.

By Heather Granruth

Information Society

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