Justin Timberlake Shows Off First Photo of Adorable Son

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Justin Timberlake

Seeing celebrity babies is exciting for many fans, and Justin Timberlake fans were given the first glance of his adorable newborn son in a photo on social media. The Mirrors singer shared a photo of Silas with Jessica Biel, surprising many people. After all, it took almost nine months for the happy couple to announce they were expecting a baby together.

Rumors started back in October that the two was expecting their first child. Photos taken hinted that Biel was trying to hide a small baby bump and some people close to her said that she was indeed three months pregnant at the time of writing. It would put the due date sometime in April, which all seemed to work out perfectly.

The couple remained very quiet on the subject until months later. Timberlake shared an Instagram post of him kissing the baby bump, and no words were needed. It instantly led to a stream of official congratulations from all his and Biel’s fans as the rumors were confirmed.

Silas Randall was born April 10, with the couple announcing the birth shortly afterwards. Two weeks earlier, Timberlake had already said that he was ready to change the dirty diapers, and was even learning how to do that and swaddle. He shared all while at the iHeartRadio Music Awards at the end of March.

When announcing the birth, he told fans that he was happy to welcome the baby boy into their lives. However, photos were not shared and many fans believed that they would keep those photos off social media. Many celebrities choose to do this, and ask that the paparazzi stay away from taking photos, and people wondered whether the couple would be like that. However, Timberlake took to Instagram to show off the first photo of his adorable son.

Silas was dressed in a top with the Memphis Grizzlies, the NBA team that Timberlake has a minority ownership in. The caption simply stated that the family was ready to go to support the team at its latest game. Biel was included in the photo, holding her newborn with a big smile on her face.

Not everyone was completely happy about Timberlake’s decision to share the first post through social media. Likely tongue-in-cheek, People magazine is reportedly disappointed in the decision. The magazine has a habit of getting exclusive first snapshots of celebrity babies and weddings, as a way to sell issues. The photographers often take multiple professional shots, but the Friends With Benefits actor clearly decided that informal was the way to go.

Reports do indicate that the family will raise Silas out of the limelight. The two actor parents want their boy to grow up enjoying a normal childhood, and that is difficult when surrounded by people who want to photograph him. One report states that the family is planning on moving to a rural estate to get out of the public eye and keep their son protected. However, there may still be more Instagram photos after Timberlake has shown off the first photo of his adorable son.

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