Kim Kardashian Uterus Gets Cleaned


Kim Kardashian has been talking about how she has wanted her two-month-old daughter North West (Nori) to have a sibling. After having sex many times a day with husband Kanye West in hopes to conceive, Kardashian has recently undergone surgery to get her uterus cleaned out.

Kardashian was afraid to undergo surgery, but her longing to have another child pushed her to overcome her fears. The operation happened very swiftly on the Sunday episode of, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, due to fertility doctors finding her placenta had grown on top of her uterus. The show immediately turned into a medical episode when Kardashian’s doctor, Andy Huang, showed X-ray diagrams of her uterus to her mother Kris Jenner.

The procedure is known as hysteroscopy, with dilation and curettage. Many doctors have used the procedure for women who have had difficulties getting pregnant. In order for Kardashian and other women getting their uterus cleaned out, they had to be put under anesthesia while the doctor inserts a camera to see if there is anything inside of the uterus. The doctor looks for a possible growth on the uterine wall, fibroid, and polyps. Once the doctor gets an inside look of the uterus he/she then scrapes the wall to remove any unwanted tissue.

According to Kardashian’s procedure, many doctors have explained that the reality star may have had recent miscarriages, irregular periods, or bleeding changes. Since those side effects are essential reasons a doctor performs the surgery, Huang was able to remove leftover placenta from her previous birth to allow her be able to conceive again.

“Any growth in the uterus takes up valuable “real estate” that an embryo can not implant on,” Molinaro said in the Inquisitor. “Plus, problem spots can disrupt blood flow, making it harder to conceive.”

It is known that 15 percent of women usually have left over placenta in their uterus after childbirth, and Kardashian’s case of needing to get her uterus cleaned out indicated she was apart of the 15 percent. If she suffered from unknown miscarriages before, without the surgery, she would have continued to experience no success in carrying another child, even if she was able to conceive again.

After a woman gets the hysteroscopy procedure she has high chances of conceiving again. The procedure only takes a day and the patient can return after a recovery of a couple of hours. Kardashian’s doctor also put her on hormones post-surgery to be sure she gets back on to her cycle and able to produce her second child. While West is dear to his daughter Nori, he can not wait to get started making baby number two. Following the procedure, Kardashian asked Huang if everything went well, and explained although the procedures help women conceive after, she no longer wanted to worry about not being able to conceive, just to keep her hopes high of giving Nori a sibling.

Kardashian getting her uterus cleaned is a peculiar procedure that many women undergo. Although the procedure is done numerous times, Nori is bound to have a little brother or sister to roam the fashion world with in no time.

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