Lil Wayne Unharmed in Shooting

Lil Wayne

Early in the morning, on Sunday, gunfire sounded as the famous rapper, Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot at, several times. Though Lil Wayne, and everyone else on board the bus, was unharmed in the shooting, police are investigating to determine who shot the bus, and why. As Lil Wayne and his crew were divided among two tour buses, police have confirmed that at least one of the buses, if not both, were shot by drive-by criminals. With little evidence available, the police in Georgia are currently working on the investigation.

Lil Wayne’s performance Saturday night was at a nightclub, the Compound nightclub, in Atlanta, Georgia. The rapper was apparently having a good time in Atlanta, as he performed in the middle of the crowd. Videos posted on Instagram show the crowd was getting awfully wild. Though Lil Wayne was in no danger in the club, he was apparently in at least some danger after leaving it. According to sources, he and eleven other fellow rappers and music executives were leaving the nightclub when at least one of the tour buses was shot. Lil Wayne and rappers Lil Twist and Super Hood, were a few of the artists that were passengers in one of the two buses, though it is unclear whether or not they were on a bus that was shot at.

As representatives for Lil Wayne have yet to make any statements, some information is still unknown, and much is left with confusion. Witness statements only clear up the fact that two cars were driving by, as passengers of the vehicles shot at the buses. The amount of damage, and if one or both buses were shot, is unclear (though some sources state both buses were shot). However, witnesses were able to give Georgia police an idea of what the vehicles looked like. Descriptions are that both cars were white and one looked like a possible Corvette model and the other was an SUV. Police were called around 3:30 a.m. to the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Atlanta, where the bus pulled over.

Recent activity that has been going on with the rapper seems to be suspicious. With this being only the latest of incidents surrounding the rapper police are beginning to wonder if he is a possible target. First, police were called in March to Lil Wayne’s mansion in Miami, as a source stated that someone was trespassing on the property. Just a few days later police and SWAT arrived at the mansion again, according to sources, after an informant called and stated that someone had broken into the mansion and shot four people. The rapper was apparently not home either time and these two incidents were later believed to be a hoax. Though Lil Wayne has been unharmed in all of the incidents, including the shooting, the drama surrounding him only seems to be getting higher. As just last month Christina Milian told the public that she and Lil Wayne are an item, things have also been heating up for him on a personal side. Making headlines for numerous reasons over the last month, including when Milian insulted Lil Wayne’s ex-girlfriend, the two have supposedly made quite a few people jealous.

Though the tour bus shooting most likely does not have anything to do with the rapper’s relationship with Milian and may not even make him a target, police are investigating every angle. Though Lil Wayne and others with him were unharmed in the shooting, fans are still waiting to hear more news on the matter. As much is currently left unknown to the public, police will likely be working as fast as they can to figure out more factual details before more information is released.

By Crystal Boulware


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