Microsoft Corporation and Dropbox Collaborate to Rival Google Drive

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation and Dropbox are collaborating to enhance cloud services to rival Google Drive and Docs. Now, office documents like MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint in Dropbox allow editing, just like Google Drive. The team up of the two companies is geared towards easier lives for their customers.

Those who save their Microsoft documents in Dropbox can edit the docs using Office Online through the Web or Microsoft’s mobile, even without having Microsoft Office installed in the user’s system. Documents can be easily viewed and tweaked online. This applies to all users who have Dropbox Pro, Dropbox with a subscription of Office 365, or free Office online with a free Microsoft account. Modifications will be automatically saved online to Dropbox while Dropbox files are also accessible through Office Online.

In short, Office Online users can open files straight from their Dropbox without opening another tab. The integration runs both ways. Dropbox folders that are synced on their computer will have their Office files opened through the desktop apps.

The two software firms announced their collaboration on November 2014 to create better connections between the two softwares and make it easier for users to work with these applications. Their goal is to empower people to work with tools and Office is the most huge productivity suite in the world, said Ilya Fushman of Dropbox. He added that Dropbox has 35 billion plus Office documents and the Dropbox integration is just what people called out for.

Microsoft Corporation and Dropbox collaboration is a great way to rival Google Drive and Docs. Office and Dropbox have already been connected on Android and iOS devices. This latest update of the duo is the integration between Office Online and Dropbox on the Web.

The new upgrade will undoubtedly please Dropbox users, as they do not need to have Microsoft Office desktop to update their documents in Dropbox. The Microsoft Corporation and Dropbox collaboration is interesting with the former already having OneDrive. Dropbox for now also has a disconnection between desktop and mobile apps since users cannot edit docs in computers but can do so, via mobile. The mission of Dropbox is to serve as many users as it can and enable them to access to as many files as possible.

This new update makes both Dropbox and Office more competitive against Google Drive and other cloud services. Google allows users to comfortably create, store and modify documents on the cloud. Dropbox does not have a facility for file creation for now. Microsoft Corporation already has OneDrive as storage facility, but their collaboration encourages users to go for Dropbox.

The cloud storage arena has been in the race for free services, thus, providers need to increasingly offer more and better features. Recently, Amazon announced their $5 per month unlimited cloud storage, which challenges competitors like Google and Dropbox to offer better deals.

For now, the Microsoft Corporation and Dropbox collaboration to rival Google Drive big time, makes their apps a good contender. It simply lets users work with either Office and Dropbox easily on the Web. Those who are on Microsoft Office can visit, and give it a try.

By Judith Aparri


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