Xiaomi Will Hold a Global Event on April 23


Xiaomi is sending invites for  a global event it is holding on April 23 in Delhi, India. Fresh from a record-breaking success of selling more than two million phones in 12 hours, the Beijing-based tech company mentions in the invites that “i” is coming. This creates speculation that the red-hot startup will introduce an international version of its flagship smartphone during the event. Currently, it has Xiaomi Mi 4.

Speculators for Xiaomi introducing a global phone have their reasons. Recently, a model of Infocomm Development Authority in Singapore had a certified Xiaomi Mi 4i name. Another Mi 4i moniker ran through the benchmark of GeekBench3, even revealing that the smartphone has a 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm chipset inside, with 1.65 GHz clock speed, plus a 2GB RAM. It seems Xiaomi Mi 4i have lower specs than the flagship, which has Snapdragon 801 CPU and 3GB RAM inside.

For now, there are no revealed nor rumored details, such as the price, availability, and which countries will get the mid-range handset. An interesting information though for Xiaomi which will be holding a global event on April 23, is that, its big guys President Bin Lin, CEO Lei Jun and Global Vice President Hugo Barra will be present in Delhi.

In celebration of its fifth anniversary on April 6, Xiaomi held a “Mi Fan Festival” Wednesday last week, and earned a $335 million revenue for selling 2.12 million smartphones. Aside from phones, the Chinese firm has 38,000 sales of Mi TVs; 770,000 smart appliances and 247,000 Mi Power Strip fitness bands. Xiaomi courted its devoted fans more with a “festival” flash sales, parties in expensive night clubs and engagement in social media.

Founded on April 2010, Xiaomi has grown increasingly fast from the ground, and become the world’s most valuable startup even with marketing spending far less than its competitors like Samsung. While Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold 10 million units during its launch in September last year, the Chinese company, which is also tagged as the “Apple of China,” achieved a similar sales feat on its “festival.” The only difference is the Chinese tech firm did not launch new products.

On its digital strategy, the fast-growing Chinese firm built a deal with online retailer Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal, Airtel Indian network and The Mobilestore to capture the world’s fastest growing market – India. India was once dominated by Nokia, which became the colloquial term for a mobile phone. The country has strong brands in existence, like Coca-Cola and Nike, but still a huge opportunity for new entrants.

The Asian tech giant has no plans to come to the U.S. for the time being, but its fast growth concerns Apple, especially its aggressive expansion in China. Earlier, the Asian firm’s smartphones were regarded as cheap versions of Apple mobiles. However, recent Xiaomi devices shunned the Apple’s design and come up with clean and unique units. Tech reviewers see them as technically better than Apple devices.

The Asian tech giant is reaching more markets this year. Also in the list are Indonesia and Malaysia. Last year, it sold 61 million handsets with a revenue of 411.98 billion. It is China’s top brand and the world’s third smartphone player, following Samsung and Apple. Whether or not Xiaomi shall debut a new smartphone as it will hold a global event in Delhi, the tech audience will see on April 23.

By Judith Aparri


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