‘Scream’ on MTV Will Have Cameo From Bella Thorne [Video]


MTV’s upcoming new TV series, Scream, based on the movie franchise of the same title, might just turn out to be a terrific series; or, it could turn out to be the opposite, depending on how the people behind the series handle it. Bella Thorne will have a cameo in the premiere episode, as Nina Patterson; but, Neve Campbell will not be in it, and Ghostface will sadly not be in the MTV series, both of which are bad omens. Still, if Scream delivers plenty of chills and suspense, and a high enough body count, it could become a hit for MTV.

The MTV series, Scream, is based on the premise that a cyber-bullying incident led to a bloody murder. That spawned a YouTube video that went viral, and the murder brought back memories of a killing spree that happened years ago.

Those memories have haunted some people, while intriguing others. The memories also appear to have served as inspiration for someone else, who has decided to embark upon a new killing spree.

Scream is in the news because MTV debuted a trailer from the series during the MTV Movie Awards show held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, April 12. The tagline for the series is “If You Thought It Was Over. You’re Dead Wrong.”

The teens of Lakewood will be terrorized in this new series, and at least one of them will be the murderer doing the terrorizing. Check out the trailer from Scream, below!

MTV’s suspenseful teen drama will debut on June 30. Actor Joel Gretsch had been slotted to play Sheriff Clark Hudson, but now, Jason Wiles, who starred in Third Watch, will take over the role. Sheriff Hudson is the father of one of the main characters of Scream, Kieran, played by actor Amadeus Serafina. Jason Wiles will presumably have the same sort of role in the TV series as David Arquette did, playing the good-guy sheriff in the Scream movie franchise.

During the MTV Movie Awards 2015 on Sunday, actress Bella Thorne introduced the new video clip. Another actress of note who will star in the MTV series and who has also appeared in the Arrow TV series as the character Sin, will be Bex Taylor-Klaus. She will play Audrey, described as being the daughter of a Lutheran pastor who would like to become a filmmaker.

One of the lines in the clip is “You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series.” Maybe that is true, but MTV is determined to give it a try.

MTV’s 10-episode Scream series had originally been scheduled to premiere in October, around the time of the Halloween holiday. However, execs at MTV decided, instead, to have Scream premiere on June 30, possibly in the belief that the series might be able to develop a larger fan base by premiering during summer vacation, when more teens would likely be able to tune in.

The pilot episode of MTV’s Scream, from Dimension TV and The Weinstein Company, was directed by Jamie Travis, who also directed Faking It. The series will have five executive producers, with two of the executive producers also being the showrunners, Jaime Paglia, from Arrow, and Jill Blotevogel, from Ravenswood. The other three will be Wes Craven and Harvey and Bob Weinstein. The consulting producer will be Breaking Bad‘s John Shiban. With such talented individuals behind the Scream MTV series, and acting in it, that is a good sign that it might become a hit.

Will MTV’s proposed TV series, Scream, which will have a cameo from actress Bella Thorne, become a smash summer hit, or will it be a dismal summer flop? That might hinge on how many people tune in to watch the premiere episode, which will air on June 30, 2015. The premiere will likely have a fairly large audience, as teens and fans of the 1996 flick will want to see if the series is anywhere close to being as good as the Scream movies.

Written By Douglas Cobb

MTV Scream Teaser Clip/Courtesy YouTube and MTV

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