Microsoft Corporation Perks Up Enterprise Mode and Enterprise Discovery

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation perks up Enterprise Mode and Enterprise Site Discovery with April 2015 update. It has become a full featured management tool of its browser, Internet Explorer. Enterprise Mode and Enterprise Site Discovery are aimed to help customers adjust easily to the firm’s latest web browser , IE11 upgrade.

Considering the deadline for Windows 7 and 8 users to migrate to IE11 is January 12 next year, this update is very significant. The Redmond-based tech company has been consistent with its improvements since April last year. This month’s update makes sure customers will be more comfortable with the deadline early next year.

Enterprise Mode is an effective way of providing users backward compatibility for older Web applications. Last year, Microsoft Corporation first made an improvement with IE7 Enterprise Mode, a mix of Enterprise Mode and Compatibility View, for more automated compatibility with the required web properties. The former is for sites intended to run in IE 8. In November, the Enterprise Mode Site List was expanded so that any Web app can be placed in any document mode, with no required change in the site’s code.

With the availability of IE7 Enterprise Mode, Redmond divided the feature into IE8 Enterprise Mode and IE11 Document Mode, formerly Edge Mode. Secondly, new Group Policy Object settings were then created, plus the new bulk import feature for Enterprise Mode, so users can import XML files with information collected via the GPOs.

This time, Microsoft Corporation added the new option IE7 Enterprise Mode that enables such mode with Compatibility View. The company has received feedbacks that there are sites which work best with both Enterprise Mode and Compatibility View, by adding the site to the former’s Site List’s Enterprise Mode section, with Display intranet sites in setting Compatibility View. However, this is quite difficult.

As Microsoft Corporation perks up Enterprise Mode and Enterprise Discovery this month, it expands Enterprise Mode to support a single mode which has Enterprise Mode and Compatibility Mode. This simplifies upgrading to IE11. Microsoft Corporation then replaces the name “Enterprise Mode” to “IE8 Enterprise Mode,” and “Edge Mode” to “IE11 Document Mode.”

Those who are using the Enterprise Mode now need not make any change to the list of existing site because the new options are available through the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager; or they can directly edit the XML file with the new schema. Microsoft’s April 2015 update includes XML as an output option. It can be used either alone or with WMI output, while enabling management through the Group Policy. It complements previous updates by bringing this function to IE8, IE9 and IE10 as well.

The availability of XML output updates the Enterprise Site List Manager to support bulk import of XML files for building the Enterprise Mode Site List. This allows IT Pro to seed their Enterprise Mode List, to assess problems and solve compatibility issues by placing the sites into a mode where they work.

Microsoft Corporation is perking up Enterprise Mode and Enterprise Discovery, and it has a set of new Group Policies to boost management experience. Users can check on the bulk import option screen shot as well as new options in the site list manager tool.

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