Angelina Jolie Understands the Severity of the Syrian Civil War

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Angelina Jolie

Actress Angelina Jolie, who also served as a Goodwill Ambassador for 10 years, was promoted to special envoy in 2012. Jolie is angered, to say the least, about the deaths in Syria. Reportedly, Jolie has worked on 50 field missions in 30 different countries, including Syria. She is very adamant in being able to find a way to put an end to the cruelty and murder that is going on in the war. She asked the U.N. to work together to quickly find a solution. Jolie is an ambassador that has a deep understanding of the severity of the Syrian Civil War.

Syria and the death rate there is absolutely incredible, at 220,000 deaths in Syria just since 2011, it is ridiculous that something extreme has not been done. These are mostly innocent people, most of whom are trying to find a better life. What is happening there is very wrong, and people through most of it have been clueless to just how bad it is there. The terrorist group ISIS, has not only killed over 220,000, but displaced 14 million Syrian citizens.

United Nations Syrian envoy, Steffan de Mistura, has invited opposition groups and syrian government to be at the peace talks next month, in Geneva. However, there will be now terrorist groups represented at the peace talks. This will be low-key negotiations between these countries, over the next four to six weeks, to hopefully put an end to the civil war that has plagued Syria these last four years. Hopefully, there will be others as passionate as Jolie, that will make a difference in changing the way things are in Syria

During the meeting, in which Jolie spoke to the U.N. officials, it was stated by all who were there that this war is not getting resolved by peace talks. The peace talks have brought very little relief, and the neighboring countries of Syria are experiencing host fatigue, from all of the Syrians that have fled from their country. There has never been a displacement problem from war, like this one has been, now everyone who was there to support can no longer do anything from the worsening violence. Doctors beyond borders can no longer do their job, or people like Jolie, that have tried to bring a little bit of relief to the absolute terror that engulfs the country of Syria.

Jolie went on to talk about the suffering that has come from the indecision of the United Nation’s ability to protect innocent people. She spoke to them about their responsibility to do these things, and basically told them they need to get things done. We need more people, like Jolie, that understand the severity of this war.

Ms. Amos, a fellow ambassador talked about banning attacks on schools and hospitals, and talked about authorizing a fact-finding mission to find out which communities need help the most, and which have been completely cut off, so they can receive the help they need. Which is exactly what Angelina wants, and can most-likely make it happen sooner.

Let’s discuss how this disastrous war started. In the city of Deraa, there were protests in the streets after some teenagers were tortured and killed, after painting revolutionary slogans on the wall of a school. During that protest, the government opened fire and killed several people, and after that more and more people took to the streets. The people begged for President Assad to resign, and the government doing things with force just caused the people to be more angry. After that, the opposing began to take up arms and protect themselves.

There is so much evil going on there right now, that if you do not agree with the law that is there now, you will be tortured. The campaign of terror in Northern and Eastern Syria has caused mass killings, amputation, and public execution.  The terrorist group ISIS is taking control, by any means, of Northern and Eastern Syria. There was also an Arab Spring uprising that has turned into a proxy war. The U.S. now has 5,000 rebels fighting in IS for the protection of innocent people.

It is clear that the U.N. needs to come to an agreement on a plan of action, because things will not get better. That is why we need passionate people like Jolie, who understand the severity of the war, and to help push towards making a decision and acting on it.

By Brooke Latu



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